7 Gorgeous Bun Hairstyles Inspired by the #Balletcore Trend

Sweep your hair up into any of these super feminine styles.


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Empire-waisted silky skirts that flit in a breeze, a delicate rainbow of swirling pastels, squared ballet flats topped with dainty bows, and sleek bun hairstyles that sweep hair out of your face. These are the tenants of the #balletcore trend that’s sweeping the style scene right now. This aesthetic is a total throwback to the fashion trends brought to the forefront by flicks like Black Swan and Center Stage, and it’s officially back with a modern twist (pun intended).

While wearing tulle skirts and ballet flats may not be the most practical look for every day, these seven bun hairstyles below will ensure your #balletcore style is on pointe, and most importantly, are super wearable even outside of the dance studio.

Best Bun Hairstyles

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Sleek Bun + Tendrils

#Balletcore is a throwback to the ‘00s—lean into the era even more by pulling out face-framing tendrils, brilliantly demonstrated here by beauty and lifestyle influencer Kristina Manners. The rest of her hair is pulled back tightly into a bun that sits in the center-back of her head.

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Studded Bun

If you want to infuse a touch of glam into a bun, adding glittering studs is the answer. “Adding a few accessories is a great way to elevate the look,” notes celebrity hairstylist Joseph Maine, founder of Trademark Beauty. Pearls are a natural choice given the #balletcore theme, but you can opt for sparkling crystals or even a bedazzled barrette.

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Scarf-Wrapped Bun

Speaking of accessorized bun hairstyles, a hair scarf is the perfect way to add a little personality to an otherwise straightforward nape bun. To create the look, pull your hair back into a sleek bun, then tie your preferred scarf around the base. You can tuck the ends into the bun, leave the ends out, or tie it into a bow—the choice is yours.

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Top Knot Bun

A bun that sits squarely atop your head feels quintessentially ballet. We love how beauty expert Charey Jackson embraced natural texture in this style, spent extra care styling her edges, and added a simple headband for a super sleek finish. Add those perfect brows, a natural skin finish, and glossy lip for a look that exudes “understated glamour.” 

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Braided, Sporty Bun

One of the biggest practical perks of a bun hairstyle is that it keeps strands out of your face. That makes it a great choice for any type of workout. This bun updo, created by Vanessa Gordon, incorporates a French braid across the top of her head as well as a simple bun with a braid wrapped around the outside.

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Chignon Bun

Here’s proof that a simple twisted bun can make a major statement. This style, created by Maine, starts with sleek hair pulled together at the nape of the neck. From there, the ponytail is twisted around and tucked into itself to create a voluminous, gently knotted look.  “This chignon is a classic bridal style that looks timeless, but can also be an everyday option for work or cocktails,” Maine says. To keep it sleek, use a bristle boar brush and a touch of hair serum when pulling hair into the low ponytail. 

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Loose & Piece-y Bun

If a structured bun isn’t quite what you’re going for, but you still want that #balletcore vibe, consider this loose variation. Pull hair back gently, then twist into a loose bun at the center-back of your head. Secure with a hair clip and bobby pins, if necessary.

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