Brigitte Bardot Hair Is Trending Again—Here's How to Get the Look

Did someone say ‘60s volume?


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Brigitte Bardot’s iconic bombshell-meets-disheveled hair is officially enjoying a modern-day reprise. The look is all over social, speckled across pop culture, and quickly becoming a popular updo request in salons across the country. 

Jennifer Coolidge wore the look on the red carpet at the 2023 SAG Awards, Riley Keough in Daisy Jones and the Six sports a clearly Bardot-influenced style, and even Lily Collins’ Emily in Paris character went for the French girl fringe, which embodied the same “throw caution to the wind” spirit Brigitte was known for. 

For those unfamiliar, Bardot’s signature style was all about creating major volume at the crown, and embracing thick fringe and face-framing layers that hit above the cheekbone and around the jawline. 

“The look is very big and very thick with lots of fluff,” says celebrity stylist David Lopez. “It has lots of bounce and lots of curl, but it doesn't look too finished. It’s actually a little bit frizzy—if you can embrace the word frizzy—and has a lot of texture.” 

Want to give this style a try? We asked Durif and Lopez to give us the full how-to.

How To Create Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair—Step By Step 

The versions we’re seeing today aren’t literal interpretations of Brigitte Bardot’s hair, but rather influenced by her iconic style. “It’s the idea of adapting the ‘60s flair, but with much better haircuts and advanced techniques that we have today,” notes celebrity hairstylist Yves Durif, who was actually mentored by Jacques Dessange, the French stylist responsible for Bardot’s famous updo. 

That said, anyone can create a modern-day version of the look. It helps to have at least medium-length hair with built-in layers that allow for max volume and that piece-y texture. 

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before starting, you’ll want to grab the following: 

  • Volumizing shampoo and conditioner 
  • Heat styling protectant
  • Volumizing mousse 
  • Blow dryer and/or large hair rollers
  • Round brush 
  • Large barrel curling iron
  • Texturizing powder or medium hold hairspray 
  • Teasing Comb 

2. Wash & Towel Dry 

Wash and condition your hair using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This boosts volume even if you already have thick hair. For people with thin hair, it can also help prevent “limp locks” and create a fuller look.

3. Apply Volumizing Mousse 

Apply mousse to the roots of damp hair for even more volume. Also apply some heat protectant to the rest of your strands to protect them during the next step.

4. Give Yourself a Blowout 

Lopez says the most important step in recreating that Brigitte-esque look is to give yourself a super voluminous blowout. “Make sure you give yourself a very voluminous blowout by smoothing out your hair and getting it nice and full with lots of bend and lots of bounce,” Lopez says. A round barrel brush will help create a flawless blowout and enhance volume, so section out your hair and take your time blowing out each section. 

As a heat-free alternative, Durif suggests using curling rollers instead of blowing out your hair. “Use big rollers on damp hair and roll them away from the face, leaving alone whatever falls down around the face,” he says. “Secure and allow for your hair to dry. When the hair is dry, turn your head upside down and massage the roots of your hair with your fingertips.” 

5. Go Back In with a Curling Iron

To create more waves and texture, go back in with a large barrel curling iron on dry hair. The goal isn’t to create spiral-like curls or beachy waves, but to instead create swooping bends and flips. For ‘60s vibes, always curl away from your face. Also, for the Brigitte look make sure to keep your bangs smoother and use your curling iron to create a carefree, windswept look.

6. Add More Texture & Volume 

“Add a texturizing spray or root lifting powder to really lift the roots,” says Lopez. As an alternative, use a medium-hold hairspray. With whatever product you choose, note that a little goes a long way. Work the product into the roots and gently lift upward to manipulate your hair for more height. 

7. Tease & Finish With a Chignon 

Finally, Durif says to tease out the hair at your crown using a fine-tooth teasing comb, then for that true Brigitte Bardot feel. Complete the look with a half “chignon banane,” also known as a French twist. Secure with bobby pins and you’re ready to go.

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