I’m a Target-Obsessed Shopping Writer, and These Storage Cubes Helped Me Reorganize My Closet in Minutes

When my clothes started slipping onto the floor, I knew I needed to find a fast solution.

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Set of 2 Zipper Fabric Storage Cubes Gray

Real Simple / Target

I’m so fortunate to have a walk-in closet in my bedroom, but it has an odd layout that doesn’t allow me to use all of the available space in it. Over the past few weeks, I have put off tackling a much-needed closet reorganization, leaving a collection of shoes on the center of my floor. But when one of the hanging rods detached from a bracket thanks to the weight of my ever-growing collection of sweaters, I realized it was finally time to dig in. So, I quickly placed an order for a set of these zippered storage containers.

Set of 2 Zipper Fabric Storage Cubes Gray


To buy: $28; target.com.

For years, I have hung my sweatshirts, sweaters, and nearly all of my long-sleeve tops together on one side of my closet. After finding actual homes for all of my shoes, I realized that I really needed to better distribute the weight of my warmest pieces and I decided to fold my sweaters and store them on an upper shelf that now had available room with one caveat: I needed to find a storage solution to keep them safe. Unsurprisingly, I found just what I needed at Target thanks to these fabric cubes that are specifically designed for pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, and other bulky clothing items.

I was drawn to these small storage cubes because they come in a set of two, which means each one is only $14 (you can also buy a set in medium or large sizes for a bit more). I also loved that the cubes measure 13 by 13 by 13 inches, which felt big enough to store quite a few items but not so large that I would have trouble moving the cubes off of the shelf if I ever needed to. I was also an immediate fan of the clear front window that would allow me to easily see what’s inside, and I loved that the cubes have zippered openings on the top and the front. The only feature I won’t take advantage of (at least for now) is the ability to stack the cubes on top of each other because that would put one of them too far out of reach.

When my fabric containers arrived, my first step was to move the two interior metal rods into place. It was so easy and didn’t require much effort at all: I simply pushed down on each one, and they slid down the sides of the cubes and created immediate structure. Then I folded my sweaters and placed them inside via the top opening. I had a feeling I might have enough to fill both cubes, and I was right: I’m currently storing six sweaters inside each one. Finally, I popped the cubes on top of the shelf and felt relieved that I could see my sweaters and they could no longer cause one of my closet’s rods to pop open and let my tops slide onto the floor. 

If you’re looking for a new way to store sweaters, jeans, or a mini collection of T-shirts, I highly recommend adding a set of Brightroom storage cubes to your next Target order. Thanks to these handy organizers, I solved a problem that had stayed on my to-do list for weeks in mere minutes.

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