10 Best Blunt Cuts for Every Hair Length

Inspiration for those who choose to forgo the layers.


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Say so long to the layered look—blunt haircuts of all lengths are in for 2023. From bold, blunt pixie cuts to sleek, straight 70s locks, you can rock a razor-sharp style no matter how long your hair is. Below, we asked multiple celebrity hairstylists for the latest blunt cuts they are seeing in their salons and on runways.

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Pixie Cut with Blunt Bangs


Pixie-length hair can be totally transformed by adding blunt bangs, which creates a strong focal point. “I love choppy cuts with blunt cut ends (like Katy’s infamous blonde moment) because you get lots of movement and texture to contrast the blunt bangs,” says Paul Cucinello, a New York City-based celebrity stylist and founder of Cucinello Beauty

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French Bob with Bangs

blunt-cut-French Bob with Bangs

According to Cucinello, a French bob with bangs is super hot for 2023, and is also pretty timeless, too. “It’s great because no matter how you style it—pin straight or with very soft, natural waves—it’s always chic and really easy to style,” he says. “Air dry it with a leave-in conditioner or blast it straight and run a flat iron over it to make it sleek.”

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Classic Old Hollywood Bob

blunt-cut-Classic Old Hollywood Bob

This look is one of the most classic blunt cuts out there. “Contrary to popular belief, the classic old Hollywood bob is one of the easiest to styles if you work with your natural texture,” explains Tylor Johnson, an expert hair colorist and founder of Nous Haircare. “I love seeing women with a natural wave or curl pattern let their hair air dry with this look.” It’s easy to touch up some curls around the face to get a perfectly lived-in look.

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Blunt Bob Cut with Bangs

blunt-cut-Blunt Bob with Bangs

Go extra bold by adding blunt bangs to your blunt bob. “This kind of bob is my absolute favorite kind,” explains Ryan Trygstad, celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Mark Ryan Salon. “I love the blunt bob look with a blunt bang—it feels super fresh and modern to a classic haircut.” 

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Tapered Bob

blunt-cut-Tapered Bob

This tapered bob is similar to a shag but really cut for naturally curly hair. According to Johnson, this cut is ideal for curly girlies because it makes it extremely easy to style. “The shaping gives you everything you need—all you have to do is use the right products,” explains Johnson.

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The Bixie


According to Johnson, the “bixie” is a hybrid of the bob and the pixie cut. “It also looks amazingly blown out and with natural texture, making it extremely easy to style,” she says. 

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Lob with No Layering

blunt-cut-Lob with No Layering

According to Trygstad, lobs are still very popular. “I’m seeing lobs that have absolutely no layering and wearing/styling them super straight is back in style.” 

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Medium-Length Blunt Cut with Diamond Bangs

blunt-cut-Medium-Length Blunt Cut with Diamond Bangs

This is a great example of blunt curtain bangs perfectly accentuating blunt-cut long hair. “See how the length of the cheekbone-length, center-parted bangs create a perfect diamond shape by mirroring the lower half of her face?,” asks Cucinello. “It’s a killer look!”

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70s Blunt Cut

blunt-cut-70s Blunt Cut

For this cut, think super 70s with the way it is parted straight down the middle and is styled super straight—there’s no volume or body. “Actually, my younger clients have been using the flatiron again like the 90’s are back and that is the only hair tool that exists,” explains Trygstad.

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Mermaid Hair with Blunt Bangs

blunt-cut-Mermaid Hair with Blunt Bangs

“Super long hair with blunt, brow-skimming bangs and not too much tapering on the ends is both classic and very now,” says Cucinello. “This same look done pin-straight is a total transformation and looks just as strikingly gorge on Riley Keogh as the mermaid-waved version.” 

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