8 Best Blonde Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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Finding the perfect shade of hair for your skin tone can make all the difference between a complexion that’s glowy and radiant, and one that washes you out or works against your natural coloring. That said, if your end-goal is to find a blonde that perfectly complements your skin tone, then you’ll want to get a bit more strategic about your next salon appointment. Not sure where to start? We asked colorists to share their favorite blonde hair colors according to skin tone, so read on for some inspiration. 

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For Olive Undertones: Sandy-Beige Blonde


People with olive undertones have a slightly golden or green tint to their skin. This darker shade of blonde is a beautiful mix between neutral brown tones and sandy beige blonde. In Aniston’s case, her colorist also incorporated bright, honey-hued pieces around her face to make her complexion shine. 

“This gives off that warm, natural looking glow while adding dimension as well,” says celebrity stylist Bradley Leak. “ The depth in this color works well with olive skin, as it does not compete with natural warmer undertones.” 

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For Olive Undertones: Caramel Blonde


Beyonce’s iconic caramel blonde is one of the prettiest shades of blonde for olive undertones. “Olive undertones look best with a more golden, slightly beige blonde because it compliments the neutral warmth of the skin and can help to brighten features,” explains Tylor Johnson, expert hair colorist and founder of Nous Haircare.

This shade of blonde is great for dark complexions since it doesn’t require your colorist to go too heavy on the bleaching process and allows for a more seamless grow out. 

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For Cool Undertones: Platinum Blonde


Cool undertones tend to lean more pink, red, and even perhaps a bit blue. One way to tell if you have a cool undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue or purple then you likely have a cool complexion. 

Platinum blonde is obviously one of the most high-maintenance blondes out there, but when it works and works. This shade complements cool undertones best, though the right treatments can also look great on other skin tones, as well. 

“It essentially is a blank slate and toneless if lifted to the correct lightness,” notes  Tiffanie Richards, master colorist at Louise O’Conner salon. “It will make any eye color pop and love to sit next to any blush color you choose to apply.” Leak adds that it’s especially beautiful on people with dark complexions since it creates a striking contrast without clashing.

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For Cool Undertones: Soft, Baby Blonde


This soft, baby blonde color features a dark root and multi-dimensional combination of dark and bright tones throughout. The brighter face-framing layers lend a pretty sunkissed look as well. “This look pairs perfectly with especially fair skin, which often has pink undertones,” notes Leak. “The darker root prevents fair skin from looking washed out, while also blending the skin and hair colors for a completed look.”

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For Warm Undertones: Buttery Blonde


Warm complexions lean more peachy or orange and have a naturally honeyed appearance. If you look at your wrists and your veins appear greenish then you probably have warm undertones. 

True to its name, this buttery blonde color has a warm and creamy tone. At the same time, it also has a few cool-toned highlights mixed in to create some nice dimension and movement. "This look is best on skin that is on the pale side with warm undertones. It creates beautiful depth and movement in the hair without looking harsh or washing you out as very icy blondes can," says Johnson.

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For Warm Undertones: Gray Blonde


If you like the idea of a cooler-leaning blonde for your warm skin tone, opt for a gray-blonde like the one Khloe Kardashian is sporting here. “By adding dark toned lowlights to previously double processed blonde hair, it gives the hair dimension and adds depth at the root,” she says. The cool tones also enhance a naturally warm complexion and create a flattering contrast. 

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For Any Skin Tone: Neutral Blonde


When in doubt, you can always go for a blonde hair color that flatters every skin tone. A neutral blonde effortlessly combines a spectrum of undertones, which makes it inherently flattering for every complexion. “It’s one of my favorites because it’s not one single flat color, but still offers softness to help emphasize features without being overpowering,” says Johnson. She adds, “The neutral blonde is one of the most versatile blondes and looks great on any skin tone since it lands somewhere in the middle of golden and cool tones.” 

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For Any Skin Tone: Icy Blonde


For a statement blonde that makes every complexion look great, opt for an icy blonde like Ciara. It’s created with back-to-back foiling and toner to neutralize yellowness. Warriner says that an icy white can work well on pinky, fair skin, but that it also adds beautiful contrast on darker skin tones and people with warm complexions. She adds, “If you have a warmer undertone, try a platinum with a tinge of yellow to better complement your skin tone.” 

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