TikTokers Are Dyeing Their Hair With Actual Blackberries to Achieve This Gorgeous Color

It’s the perfect shade of purple.



From wolf cuts to bubble braids, TikTok is constantly inspiring beauty and hair trends. But the latest viral sensation isn’t a hairstyle—it’s a hair color. And stunning shade aside (hint: it's reminiscent of fruit), the way to achieve it is one of the most unique things about it. 

A super-chic, dark hair color with a violet and blue hue, blackberry hair is catching the eye of Gen-Zers, with some creators attempting to get this delicious color by using actual blackberries.  But don’t go grabbing your Driscoll’s just yet—we spoke to expert stylists to see if this was actually doable or berry much (ha) a dream.

“Blackberry hair is best achieved by darkening the hair and adding a tonal glaze over top of it,” says Britt Dion, Aveda’s artistic director North America, Hairstyling. “I prefer to use a direct dye over top of black hair with a violet blue. This will allow the tonal value to truly shine through and help achieve the blackberry color look.”

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to give it an at-home try, there is a way. “It is possible to use actual blackberries to color hair, mixing them with apple cider vinegar and water to get the hair to absorb the color,” says Hairstory hairstylist Jennifer Covington-Bowers.  

But before you dive into the fridge and raid it for blackberries, you may want to think twice. Though it is technically possible to dye your hair with blackberries, most stylists would recommend against it as it could leave hair splotchy and unbalanced.

“Blackberries act as a stain on the hair instead of a dye. This means it is hard to remove the color once the hair is stained, making changing your look far more difficult than if you used a professional hair dye,” says Dion.

If you do decide to try out the trend, blackberry hair (the professional version) is super-low maintenance, making it the perfect option for those who struggle getting into the salon for a touch-up. As long as you preserve your hair color by using professional shampoos and styling products, you can keep the color looking fresh without much upkeep beyond touch-up glosses. 

Another bonus? Since it doesn’t require bleaching, the color isn’t too damaging to achieve and has a subtle grow-out. In fact, the purple hue has a natural sheen that makes hair look healthier, according to stylists.

When looking for protective hair products, always make sure you find shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free as sulfates can over-cleanse, causing the color to be stripped from the hair. Try: Aveda Color Control Shampoo and Conditioner, both of which are 100% vegan. Another stylist favorite is Hairstory’s New Wash, perfect for helping maintain vibrant tones and natural softness.

Hair color shades have always taken color inspiration from food, and we don’t expect this to stop any time soon. So when looking to add a bit more pop of color to your locks, schedule an appointment with your stylist and keep the berries to snacking.

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