The Bissell Steam Mop With 2,200+ Five-Star Ratings Has Shoppers ‘Grossly Satisfied’, and It’s on Sale

Erase dust, pollen, and dirt for only $76 at Amazon.

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Bissell Steam Mop Tout

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Owning a pet can be a lot of work, especially when it comes to cleaning after them. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to rid your home of dirt, odor, and germs, this best-selling Amazon find is the solution—and it’s currently on sale for $76.

The Bissell PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop is every pet lover's dream. It safely and efficiently cleans hard floors with the help of hot steam, so you can feel better about how your home looks, feels, and smells without all the harsh-chemicals. According to Amazon shoppers, if you have a pet, this product is a must. “I can’t believe how fast and how well this cleans your floor,” one shopper added. “My floors look amazing and my house smells fresh and clean.”

Bissell Steam Mop


To buy: $76 (was $93);

The Bissell mop eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria all with just steam, according to the brand. And because it works with only water, the mop can be used with ease around pets or kids. Its water tank can hold up to 16 ounces, allowing shoppers to clean their entire home on the medium setting. As for the steam settings, the Bissell has a digital control panel that allows you to customize your desired output depending on how much you need.

The Bissell steam mop can clean different floor types including wood, tile, ceramic, and marble with its microfiber mop pads; it comes with both a soft and scrub option. As for those pesky dried-up pet messes, the built-in scrubber can be flipped down at the back to remove those tougher stains. 

Shoppers also noted how its powerful steam worked wonderfully to erase built-up dirt on grout and bathroom tiles with the mop’s built-in scrubber. One shopper wrote, “With my old steamer, I would have to use a toothbrush and baking soda to get my grout clean, but with this on high power steam and the built-in brush, I got the same results! I love it!” 

And when it comes to your home’s smell, the steam cleaner has fragrance discs to insert into the mop pad to stop stubborn odors. There are also optional scented water add-ons to include into the steam tank, that leave behind a fresh fragrance. They are made of purified water and are available in spring breeze, eucalyptus mint, and citrus. 

The steam mop’s compact design weighs just over 6 pounds, so you can easily carry it into every room. It can be stored away easily and even stand up on its own when it’s locked. One shopper who said their “floor looks better every time [they] use it” also wrote how helpful the standing mechanism is because you don’t have to prop it up while pouring water into the tank. 

Both mop pads are washable and can be reused instead of discarding after cleaning, which shoppers love. Just throw the pad in the washing machine with your laundry, and you’re good to go for next time. 

This Bissell is a best-selling steam mop on Amazon and has more than 2,200 five-star ratings. And it’s clear to see why the Mop is a popular choice among many shoppers. One wrote, “My floor has never been more clean” while another even wrote, “I was grossly satisfied with the dirt on the washable pad after. I won’t go back.” 

One shopper who recently got a puppy said “it completely exceeded my expectations” and called it “a must-have for hard floors.” They continued to write, “We have been in dire need of something like this to disinfect when our puppy has accidents and keep the house clean. I’m a clean freak and couldn’t be happier.” 

“Ever since we got hounds, we never saw our floors as clean as they are after using this,” wrote one last shopper. “Very easy, very quick, very lightweight, very quiet, [I’m] very impressed. This is a must-have in a home with kids, dogs, with little time.” 

Get the Bissell steam mop pet owners love while it’s on sale for just $76 at Amazon.

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