This Hat Organizer Is ‘Ingenious,’ According to Shoppers—and It’s Only $12 for a Set of Two

The clips help you to see all of the hats you own at a glance.

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Binboov Hat Rack for Baseball Caps Hat Organizer Holder


My current solution for keeping all of my baseball hats in one place is a fabric bin. But because they’re all stacked inside on top of each other, I almost always reach for the first few hats that are on top of my semi-organized heap instead of taking a look at the bottom of my pile. If you’re like me and are experiencing a similar feeling (or you don’t have an organization method in place at all), this nifty $12 system that’s specifically designed to store hats might seem intriguing to you, too. 

The Binboov hat organization system has almost 2,700 perfect ratings, and it’s one of the top-sellers in Amazon’s Hat Racks category. The set comes with a pack of two organizers, and each one includes 10 stainless steel clips that easily attach to sun hats, bucket hats, and baseball caps. Plus, each set of hat holders is designed to use with a single hanger, so the hat rack tucks neatly inside of your closet rather than taking up space as a stand on display in your home.

Binboov Hat Rack for Baseball Caps Hat Organizer Holder


To buy: $12;

“I was keeping the caps on a shelf, and typically they fall off or get covered up. The hangers are an ingenious way to keep them together and organized,” shared a five-star reviewer. “This was the perfect solution to organizing my hats. I like that I can hang different types of hats, easily see and access each one, and it takes up little room,” wrote a shopper. They did note that the organizer “works best with ball caps,” but they pointed out that they also use it to “hang bucket hats and beanies.” 

Not only can you use the system to store hats, but the brand and shoppers have found it’s a helpful solution to store other items. For example, the brand highlights that you can attach the organizer to a rod to act as a spot to store your keys in your entryway, or you can use it in your kitchen, living room, or playroom as a way to display cards, kids’ art, or even photos you collect throughout the year. Of course, it works to hang other garments too. 

“These are great! I actually use them to organize my bras,” said a shopper. They said the clips make it easy to “see exactly what [you] have” and offer “easy access” while getting ready. 

If you’re tired of either not having an organization method for your hats or you’re hoping to display your collection in a new way that lets you see everything you own, give the Binboov organizer a try while you can snag the pack of two for just $6 apiece. 

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