The 9 Best Wheelbarrows of 2023

Your yard work companion for everything from hauling concrete to planting flowers.

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 Best Wheelbarrows of 2023

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A good wheelbarrow is essential for households with yards and gardens. From hauling rocks to transporting soil, wheelbarrows can help you create and maintain your dream outdoor space. 

“A great wheelbarrow is durable, stable, maneuverable, versatile, ergonomically designed, and has a capacity that’s appropriately sized for its users and applications,” says Mary Jane Duford, expert gardener and creator of the gardening website Home for the Harvest. “A good wheelbarrow should also be easy to maintain, adding to its lifespan.”

To find the best wheelbarrows, we researched various options on the market while comparing type, price, size, and material. In addition to Duford, we also spoke to Allison Vallin Kostovick, founder of the gardening site Finch + Folly, for her expert advice on using and maintaining a wheelbarrow.

Best Overall Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Wheelbarrow


What Stands Out
  • This wheelbarrow is versatile, compact, and maneuverable on rugged terrain.

What Could Be Improved
  • The bin could be a more durable material, like steel.

The Best Choice Products Wheelbarrow Garden Cart is our top pick for its versatility, thanks to its deep plastic bin, rubber wheels, and steel frame. It can hold up to 5 cubic feet of soil, gravel, or mulch and has 13-inch rubber wheels that are inflatable and easy to steer, so you can maneuver the cart around your outdoor space. The thick handlebar is comfortable as you push the wheelbarrow, and you can even use it as a stand to help you tilt and empty the cart as needed.

Size-wise, this wheelbarrow is compact enough to store in your shed or garage during the off-season. And its durable make means it can last a long time, saving you from replacing your wheelbarrow year after year. While this isn’t the largest wheelbarrow on our list, it's big enough for standard gardening and outdoor tasks. 

Price at time of publish: $130

Material: Steel, polyurethane rubber | Volume: 5 cubic feet | Weight: 28.6 pounds | Weight Capacity: 330 pounds | Number of Wheels: 2

Best Budget Wheelbarrow

True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow

True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow

Home Depot

What Stands Out
  • It's compact, affordable, and easy to dump.

What Could Be Improved
  • Its ability to haul heavy materials.

If you want to keep costs low, consider this inexpensive but high-quality wheelbarrow from True Temper. This compact, nimble cart may not be the most imposing wheelbarrow on the block, but it’ll come in handy for all your gardening and landscaping projects.

The steel cart has a durable and corrosion-proof red plastic bin, sturdy hardwood handles, and one large wheel to help you maneuver the cart hassle-free around your yard or garden. The wheelbarrow’s sloped, curved front makes it easy to dump and spread its contents as needed.

Because of its lighter weight and materials, you’ll want to use this wheelbarrow primarily for sand, mulch, and topsoil rather than heavy materials like concrete and rocks. But if an inexpensive wheelbarrow that won’t take up too much space is what you’re looking for, you surely won’t be disappointed with this pick. 

Price at time of publish: $54

Material: Steel, plastic | Volume: 4 cubic feet | Weight: 28.3 pounds | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Number of Wheels: 1

Best Garden Cart Wheelbarrow

Worx Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart

Worx Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart


What Stands Out
  • This versatile wheelbarrow can tackle any outdoor task.

What Could Be Improved
  • Though it has a high weight capacity, the bin isn’t as big as other options.

For shoppers with a penchant for gardening, opt for the Worx 8-in-1 Yard Cart. This multifaceted cart doesn’t just act as a wheelbarrow—you can also use it as a hand truck, dolly, bag holder, cylinder holder, plant mover, and even a trailer mover. Whatever you need to do in the garden, this cart can make it happen.

The cart can hold up to 300 pounds in wheelbarrow mode, and the tub is set above the wheels to ensure an even balance when transporting things around the garden. For even more maneuverability, the tires are rugged and flat-free, meaning they don’t need to be inflated and are always ready to go. The wheelbarrow also gives you the most leverage possible, especially when working with heavy materials.

Though it's more expensive than some other options, it is a versatile and quality-made cart ideal for all types of yard work and gardening projects

Price at time of publish: $220

Material: Metal | Volume: 3 cubic feet | Weight: 49 pounds | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Number of Wheels: 2

Best Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Big Wheel Plastic Yard Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Big Wheel Plastic Yard Cart

Home Depot

What Stands Out
  • The durable materials of this wheelbarrow can withstand heavy materials like concrete.

What Could Be Improved
  • The large, two-wheel design may not pivot or turn as easily.

If you want a wheelbarrow that can handle intensive projects with weighty materials, opt for this large, sturdy plastic yard cart from Rubbermaid. It’s designed for heavy-duty use thanks to its large load capacity (300 pounds), crack-resistant construction, and thick, 20-inch tires that can easily maneuver rough terrain.

This wheelbarrow’s bin is made of durable plastic that resists dents, rust, and peeling, and the extra-wide handle allows you to steer and empty without strain. Because of the cart’s size and stability, you can fill it with whatever material or items you need, from concrete to flowers.

As far as downsides go, this wheelbarrow’s large size means it might not be ideal for those with minimal storage. But if you have the space, this wheelbarrow will undoubtedly be a great companion for gardening and yard work.

Price at time of publish: $303

Material: Plastic | Volume: 8.75 cubic feet | Weight: 45 pounds | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Number of Wheels: 2

Best Dump Cart Wheelbarrow

Gorilla Carts 1,200 Lb. Heavy Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy Duty Dump Cart


What Stands Out
  • This wheelbarrow can haul an impressive 1,200 pounds.

What Could Be Improved
  • While it can maneuver rough terrain, it might not be as easy to turn due to its size and weight.

For those with extensive spring yard care or backyard renovations on their to-do list, you may need a dump cart, which can carry heavy materials and dump them without creating a mess. This heavy-duty cart clocks in at over 50 pounds and can carry up to 1,200 pounds in its deep, wide bed. It also has a comfortable handle that facilitates quick and effective dumping.

Due to its large size and heft, this isn’t going to be the best wheelbarrow for anyone looking to do small garden projects or who has limited storage space in their garage. That said, if you need serious help maneuvering large loads, this pick is for you. In addition to its sturdy design, it has an easy-to-clean bed and a set of large, 13-inch all-terrain tires that make maneuvering the wheelbarrow a breeze. While its price is slightly above average, the impressive size, high load capacity, and sleek look are on par with the cost.

Price at time of publish: $202

Material: Steel polyurethane rubber | Volume: 7 cubic feet | Weight: 57 pounds | Weight Capacity: 1,200 pounds | Number of Wheels: 4

Best One-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Jackson Professional Tools Steel Wheelbarrow

Jackson Steel Wheelbarrow

The Home Depot

What Stands Out
  • This sturdy wheelbarrow is easy to maneuver and made of long-lasting, durable materials.

What Could Be Improved
  • It could be lighter to create less strain.

One-wheel wheelbarrows are great for maneuvering and pivoting (especially in tricky terrain), and this option from Jackson Professional Tools is no exception. This heavy-duty steel wheelbarrow has a sturdy undercarriage, 60-inch hardwood handles, and leg stabilizers that help prevent it from tipping over as you work. Keep in mind that this wheelbarrow is heavy, so pushing it requires effort, especially when it’s fully loaded. 

The steel tray of this wheelbarrow is temperature- and impact-resistant, which adds to its durability, and the air-filled wheels allow the cart to bounce over uneven surfaces. This cart can transport rocks, bricks, concrete, mulch, soil, and other yard materials. 

Price at time of publish: $149

Material: Steel | Volume: 6 cubic feet | Weight: 55.2 pounds | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Number of Wheels: 1

Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow

True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow With Dual Wheels

True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow with Dual Wheels

Tractor Supply

What Stands Out
  • This pick has an impressive hauling capacity, a durable metal tray, and large wheels to maneuver outdoor terrain.

What Could Be Improved
  • The handles could have padded or ergonomic grips for added comfort.

If you prefer a two-wheel wheelbarrow, consider this pick from True Temper. The steel cart has a larger-than-average hauling capacity of 6 cubic feet, and its two 13.25-inch pneumatic tires can maneuver steadily around rough or uneven terrain.

This wheelbarrow is quite sturdy and durable, as the wide metal tray is stable and designed to last. You can use this pick for rocks, mulch, plants, bricks, and much more—it can even hold concrete, making it ideal for construction projects, landscaping, and gardening. 

As far as negatives go, this wheelbarrow has a high price tag, especially considering its lack of special features. But if you can splurge a bit, you’ll be glad to have such a reliable and sturdy cart.

Price at time of publish: $200

Material: Metal | Volume: 6 cubic feet | Weight: 43.21 pounds | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Number of Wheels: 2

Best Electric Wheelbarrow

SuperHandy Utility Service Cart

SuperHandy Utility Service Cart


What Stands Out
  • This wheelbarrow can assist you with hauling large loads thanks to its electric battery.

What Could Be Improved
  • The steel mesh sides of the cart might not keep smaller materials in well.

Need a wheelbarrow that can handle enormous loads without issue and move quickly around your yard? Consider an electric wheelbarrow, like this option from SuperHandy. The battery-powered cart can hold up to 500 pounds and haul up to 1,000 pounds (even up steep hills), making it a game changer for heavy-duty projects.

This wheelbarrow can go up to three miles per hour in a forward direction, and the powerful 48-volt batteries are quick to charge, so you don’t have to wait long in between uses. Additionally, you can turn the wheelbarrow into a flatbed by removing the cargo panels, so you can smoothly load and unload items as needed. The four 13-inch wheels are thick and stable enough for all terrains, and you can control the speed, direction, and throttle level via the handles.

Of course, these added features come with a hefty price tag, which may be a deterrent to some. If you want to keep things simple and lightweight, this pick isn't for you. However, if you need to transport oversized loads and want to save time and effort, this electric wheelbarrow could be right up your alley.

Price at time of publish: $1,300

Material: Alloy steel | Volume: 6 cubic feet | Weight: 17.6 pounds | Weight Capacity: 500 pounds | Number of Wheels: 4

Best Collapsible Wheelbarrow

Nature Spring Collapsible Utility Wagon

Nature Spring Collapsible Utility Wagon


What Stands Out
  • This utility wagon is more versatile than our other picks and folds up to store compactly.

What Could Be Improved
  • The polyester cart material isn’t as durable or long-lasting as plastic or steel.

For a truly versatile wheelbarrow you can take on the go, don’t miss this collapsible option from Nature Spring. This steel yard cart folds up easily via a pull tab, making it ideal for garden and landscaping projects but also camping trips, tailgates, beach days, and more. And when it’s time to put it away in storage, it’ll take up barely any space compared to traditional wheelbarrows.

This wheelbarrow has a moderate weight capacity, meaning you probably won’t want to use it for heavy materials like concrete or bricks, but it can safely transport flowers, plants, soil, and more. It’s made from sturdy, rust-resistant steel and rip-resistant polyester, and the two 8-inch wheels smoothly maneuver all terrains. The wheelbarrow also has two cup holders, so you can stay hydrated as you work around the yard. 

Price at time of publish: $100

Material: Steel, polyester | Volume: 8.98 cubic feet | Weight: 23.4 pounds | Weight Capacity: 176 pounds | Number of Wheels: 4

Final Verdict

We can’t say enough about the Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow Garden Cart, thanks to its maneuverability, heavy-duty make, and moderate price. For an even more affordable option, consider the lightweight and compact True Temper Poly Wheelbarrow, which is perfect for household gardening and yard work. 

How to Shop for Wheelbarrows Like a Pro


There are a few different types of wheelbarrows to choose from. Traditional wheelbarrows feature one wheel and provide “the best maneuverability,” according to Mary Jane Duford of the gardening website Home for the Harvest. That said, they aren’t ideal for heavy loads, as they tip more than other types. Two-wheel wheelbarrows can handle heavier loads and provide “better stability," Duford says, but are more expensive and harder to pivot. 

If you want to minimize strain during yard work, opt for an electric wheelbarrow like the SuperHandy Electric Utility Service Cart. They are battery-powered, have multiple speed settings, and can handle heavy loads, but they are the most expensive type. Last but not least, collapsible wheelbarrows fold up and are made of lightweight fabric instead of steel or plastic, making them handy but not suited for heavy loads.

Capacity & Size

To determine what capacity and size wheelbarrow is right for you, consider your yard size, upcoming projects, and the intensity of yard work. If you primarily do small projects with lightweight materials, a wheelbarrow with a capacity of 4 cubic feet is perfect, while those frequently hauling bulky goods should opt for wheelbarrows with deeper trays of 6 cubic feet or more.

“The load capacity should be large enough to make it worth using but not so great that it is too heavy and hard to manage when loaded,” says Duford.


Wheelbarrows are made of many materials, including plastic, wood, and steel. Steel is popular because it is “strong, durable, and adaptable to rough terrain,” says Duford. Plus, steel wheelbarrows “can carry heavy loads that lighter-weight materials may not be able to support.”

For a lightweight and affordable option, Allison Vallin Kostovick, founder of the gardening site Finch + Folly, suggests a plastic wheelbarrow. “While not as durable over the long run as metal, it does fit the bill for most garden tasks,” she says. 

Duford adds that plastic wheelbarrows “are often the easiest to maneuver around outbuildings, through pastures, and between garden beds” and are rust-resistant. 

Then there are wooden wheelbarrows, which “are used almost exclusively for decorative purposes,” says Duford, who adds that they are “well-suited to holding ornamental planters and idyllic photoshoots but are rarely used in day-to-day gardening.”

Questions You Might Ask

Is a one- or two-wheel wheelbarrow better?

One-wheel and two-wheel wheelbarrows each have their pros and cons, so the best style for you depends on your unique needs, according to Duford. Many gardeners prefer one-wheel wheelbarrows as they are “generally easier to maneuver around the yard, easier to dump in a specific location, and less expensive to purchase,” she says. 

While a one-wheel wheelbarrow may be fine for most general tasks, those working on heavy-duty projects should opt for a two-wheel model, according to Kostovick 

Two-wheel wheelbarrows “tend to be more stable and benefit from distributing heavy loads over two tires,” Duford adds. “They may also be preferable when tipping must be minimized, whether due to safety or an operating environment like a dock over open water.”

How much should you expect to pay for a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows can range from $100 to $150, according to Duford, and possibly more depending on the “quality, materials, capacity, and features," she says. “Base model options are usually available under $100, while models with extra features can be $200 or more." 

What is the average lifespan of a wheelbarrow?

“A well-made wheelbarrow can last a decade or more if used, maintained, and stored correctly,” says Duford. “For the longest lifespan, choose heavy-duty materials such as steel, keep load sizes and weights below listed maximums, clean it often and keep up with maintenance (mostly the wheel), and store it in a dry covered area away from harsh weather conditions and standing water."

Kostovick adds that plastic wheelbarrows generally “offer the shortest lifespan, as they tend to eventually crack whether from use or just exposure to the sun and elements.”

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Rachel Simon, a writer for Better Homes & Gardens, Real Simple, The New York Times, and many other publications. She frequently covers gardening products and did significant research on wheelbarrows for this story, including speaking to Mary Jane Duford of the gardening website Home for the Harvest and Allison Vallin Kostovick, founder of the gardening site Finch + Folly.

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