The 8 Best Oven Mitts of 2023

Our top pick is the OXO Silicone Oven Mitt for its heat-resistant materials, textured grip, and forearm protection.

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8 Best Oven Mitts

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If you want to protect your hands when handling hot kitchenware, then you need a good pair of oven mitts. They’re essential for insulating your hands and forearms from heat while cooking, baking, and grilling. 

To find the best oven mitts, we spent hours comparing options while considering factors such as material, type, heat resistance, and grip. We also consulted with Amy Smith, ex-sous chef and founder/owner of Food Lve, and Kristen Groth, a pastry chef at The Driskill Hotel, to help us narrow down the best oven mitts to use in your kitchen.

“It is important to wear mitts as a precautionary measure to prevent skin burns, blisters, and other injuries that could be caused by coming into contact with hot surfaces," Smith says. "When you are cooking, it is very easy to get absorbed in the process, and you tend to forget how hot cookware can get, especially if it's been in the oven or on the stove for a long time."

Best Overall Oven Mitt

OXO Silicone Oven Mitt

OXO Silicone Oven Mitt


Who it’s for: People who want a comfortable silicone oven mitt. 

Who it isn’t for: People who want a cotton oven mitt.

The OXO Good Grips Oven Mitt is ideal for most home cooks and bakers. It’s mostly silicone with a thin cotton layer for optimal heat resistance and flexibility. While the lining might not be luxurious, it adds a layer of comfort without feeling too big or bulky. We also like that this mitt has a hanging loop for easy storage. 

This oven mitt measures 13 inches in length, so it covers your wrists and forearms for extra protection from heat—no pizza oven burns here. The silicone portion of the mitt features a diamond pattern for a more secure grip when handling steaming hot Dutch ovens and baking sheets. Plus, this pick is easy to clean—just wipe it down or toss it in the washer. 

The only downside is that this mitt is not sold as a pair, so if you want coverage for both hands, you will need to buy a separate one. It’s also available in black, red, and white.

Price at time of publish: $17

Material: Silicone, cotton | Care: Machine washable

Best Budget Oven Mitt

Big Red House Oven Mitts

Big Red House Oven Mitts


Who it’s for: People who want a budget-friendly option but still desire a high-quality mitt.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a full silicone glove.

If you want a high-quality, thick oven mitt but don’t want to spend too much, opt for this set from Big Red House. The mitts are made of 100 percent cotton and reinforced with silicone strips. This creates a secure hold on hot casserole dishes or baking pans, so you can hold your cookware without worrying about dropping it abruptly. 

Each oven mitt is approximately 12.5 inches long, slightly shorter than others on our list but still enough material to cover your forearms. The maximum temperature is 480 degrees Fahrenheit, which might be a little lower than the average, but still works when taking dishware and pots out of the oven. The small loop allows you to hang it up when it is not in use. We love the soft terry cloth interior, which adds cushioning and an extra layer of insulation. Though these mitts are one size fits all, they run a bit small—so if you have large hands you may want to select another mitt on our list.  

Price at time of publish: $17 for 2

Material: Silicone, cotton | Care: Machine washable

Best Oven Mitt Pot Holders

Williams Sonoma Potholder

Williams Sonoma Potholder

Williams Sonoma

Who it’s for: People who dislike unwieldy oven mitts.

Who it isn’t for: People who need forearm protection while pulling items out of the oven.

This Williams Sonoma pot holder is a great alternative to traditional bulky oven mitts. Constructed from sturdy cotton twill, this pick has a thick terry cloth pocket that will protect your hands when transporting hot cookware. 

The pot holder can tolerate temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can conveniently and safely handle most hot cookware. You also don't have to worry about where to store it, since it has a convenient hanging loop.

If you want a pot holder to match your kitchen aesthetic or apron, these holders come in four different colors to suit any decor. You can purchase it individually or in a set of two, but we recommend nabbing a pair since pot holders are great to have on hand. Plus, you can also personalize this oven mitt to include a name or monogram, making it an ideal gift for the cooks in your life.

Price at time of publish: $13

Material: Cotton | Care: Machine washable

Best Oven Mitt Glove

Oven Glove The 'Ove' Glove Oven Mitt

Oven Glove The 'Ove' Glove Oven Mitt


Who it’s for: People who want to be able to move each finger.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a stylish oven mitt glove. 

This five-finger oven glove is made from Kevlar, the same material found in firefighter's gear. The glove can handle temperatures up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for baking, cooking, or grilling. Since you can move each finger, this glove offers much more dexterity than traditional oven mitts.

Though its appearance is far from stylish, the Ove Glove is an effective option that keeps heat away from your hands. Just be aware that sizing tends to be big, so if you have small hands, you might not get the best fit. It doesn’t come in a pair, but you can buy another glove separately to complete your set. 

Price at time of publish: $18

Material: Kevlar | Care: Machine washable

Best Silicone Oven Mitt

Food52 Silicone Oven Mitts

Five Two Silicone Oven Mitts


Who it’s for: People who want sturdy and elegant silicone mitts.

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer oven mitts made of pure cotton.

If you want the coziness of natural cotton with the sturdy grip of silicone, try the Five Two Silicone Oven Mitts. The high-quality silicone mitts can withstand temperatures of up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit and are waterproof, so they won’t soak up liquids. The lining is a cozy cotton terry cloth, which feels great on the hand, with strong cotton twill fabric on the bottom for added comfort. Despite the extra padding, this oven mitt is still thin and pliable so you can easily hold onto baking pans of any size.

These mitts also feature unique magnetic loops that you can easily hang on the fridge or any other metal surface. They also have an exceptionally stylish design, which makes them double as a decorative element in your kitchen. Although the cost of these oven mitts may be a bit off-putting for some, we think it is a worthy investment if you are looking for a high-quality silicone option that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Price at time of publish: $40 for 2

Material: Silicone, cotton | Care: Machine washable

Best Oven Mitt for Grilling

Geekhom BBQ Gloves

Geekhom BBQ Gloves


Who it’s for: People who want to protect their hands and wrists while grilling. 

Who it isn’t for: People who don’t like the look of oven gloves.

If you’re ready to show off your grilling technique, the Geekhom BBQ Gloves will come in handy when you're in the backyard cooking up a storm. They are made from silicone and can withstand temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The inner moisture-absorbing cotton layer keeps your hands sweat-free and offers extra length to shield your arms from the heat. 

Grill masters will find the shape of these oven mitts particularly pleasing. They resemble a glove rather than a mitten, meaning you can comfortably handle grilling tools like tongs and spatulas. Plus, the gloves have a textured surface for a better grip when carrying hot pans, tools, and meat from the grill. Because these gloves are waterproof, cleaning them is a breeze. You can rinse them under running water to wash away dirt, grease, and grime, but they can also be cleaned in the washing machine and dishwasher. 

Price at time of publish: $24

Material: Silicone | Care: Machine washable and dishwasher safe

Best Stylish Oven Mitt

Anthropologie Nifty Jacquard Oven Mitt

Anthropologie Nifty Jacquard Oven Mitt


Who it’s for: People who prioritize stylish kitchen accessories.  

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer a simple silicone mitt. 

There's no need to sacrifice style for safety with the Nifty Jacquard Oven Mitt. At 13 inches long, this mitt features a jacquard weave with three options that offer a lively pop of color to your kitchen decor. This mitt is incredibly soft thanks to its cotton fabric that serves as a shield against heat.

While it may not have the same luxurious terry-cloth lining as other premium mitts, it is still thick enough to move around hot items. Keep in mind that this is a fabric mitt, so the grip may be less secure than with silicone options. 

To complete the set, you can even buy other matching jacquard accessories like aprons, pot holders, dish towels, and placemats. Unfortunately, the mitt comes as a single piece, so if you want a pair, you have to purchase them separately. 

Price at time of publish: $16

Material: Cotton | Care: Machine washable

Best Trivet Oven Mitt

ThermoWorks Silicone Hot Pad/Trivet

Thermoworks Silicone Hotpad/Trivet


Who it’s for: People who need to protect their counters and tables from hot cookware.

Who it isn’t for: People who want traditional oven mitts that offer more coverage.

If you need a place to rest hot pots and pans without damaging your countertop, then the ThermoWorks Hotpad does the trick. The 7-inch mat is made with heat-resistant silicone that can handle up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, making it versatile enough to protect against most of your hot cookware.

The surface has a honeycomb pattern for added grip, and unlike fabric trivets that lose effectiveness when wet, this hot pad remains heat-resistant even when damp. It can also double as a pot holder if you need one in a pinch. After use, you can clean it by hand or in the dishwasher. It’s small enough to stack in a drawer and lightweight enough to hang with the built-in loop. And since it’s available in 10 colors, you can choose the option that best matches your style. 

Price at time of publish: $7

Material: Silicone | Care: Dishwasher safe

Final Verdict

We selected the OXO Silicone Oven Mitt as our top pick because of its heat-resistant silicone design and diamond texture, ensuring you can safely and securely hold hot cookware. For a more affordable yet quality option, we like the Big Red House Oven Mitts, which have a soft cotton lining and can withstand high temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.  

How to Shop for Oven Mitts Like a Pro


Oven mitts are available in various materials, such as cotton, neoprene (a type of rubber), silicone, and aramid fabrics (commonly referred to as Kevlar, which is a brand name). While all of these materials offer varying levels of heat resistance, Smith says that thickness must also be taken into account. She also suggests choosing a mitt that gives you a secure grip on any hot item you carry.


A standard oven mitt fits your whole hand up to your wrist or forearm. For more dexterity, opt for a glove with separated fingers for better grip, flexibility, and control. These gloves are incredibly convenient when using grilling tools, as they allow for an extra-firm hold on hot items. Finally, there are pot holders and trivets if you need something smaller to hold pot handles. Trivets are also suitable for resting hot cookware so your countertops and tables are not damaged.

Heat Resistance

According to Smith, silicone and cotton mitts handle heat the best and provide protection up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Aramid fabrics or Kevlar mitts are ideal for commercial kitchens or grilling since they can tolerate extreme heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. 

“The answer here depends on what you are using your oven for—if you are mostly going to bake, cook, and reheat with temperatures below 470 degrees [Fahrenheit] then you should go for the conventional cloth or silicone oven mitts," she says. "If you use your oven for a lot of broiling, getting a higher heat-resistant glove is recommended."

That said, if you want to ensure you get the best heat protection, one of the most important things to consider is the oven mitt thickness. Always opt for a thicker material, as thinner fabrics won’t protect your hands from heat nearly as well.


Many experts agree that cotton mitts are the best option for grip. However, silicone mitts with textured patterns can be just as effective. If you need to grab very hot objects, five-finger oven gloves also offer a secure hold on your hot cookware, although you should double-check to see if they have enough padding inside. 

Questions You Might Ask

What do professional chefs use for oven mitts?

As a pastry chef, Groth prefers to use 100 percent cotton mitts. “They take longer to absorb the heat, so you can hold the hot pans for longer,” says Groth. She also recommends steering away from synthetic materials in your oven mitts as they are not as heat resistant as natural fibers or silicone. Smith agrees: “My go-to is a cloth glove oven mitt,” she says.

When should you replace an oven mitt?

The biggest sign that it’s time to replace your oven mitts is how well it handles heat. “You shouldn’t feel any heat from the pan through your oven mitt,” says Groth. “If you start to feel the heat from the pan through your oven mitt, it’s a sign that it’s time to replace them. Also, if you see a tear on it, it’s time for a fresh set."

Are silicone oven mitts better than cloth?

Cloth and silicone each have distinct pros and cons, but the material you opt for is ultimately up to what works best for you. “If you’re touching something that is dry, a cloth mitt is going to be better, but if you’re going to be touching something that is steaming or is wet (think grabbing a lobster from a steaming pot of boiling water), silicone is going to be your best bet,” says Groth.

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Nor’adila Hepburn, a contributing writer for Real Simple with two years of experience writing product reviews and home and lifestyle content. To put together this list, she spent hours researching oven mitts and considering factors such as material, type, heat resistance, and grip. She also received tips from Amy Smith, an ex-sous chef and founder/owner of Food Lve, and Kristen Groth, a pastry chef at The Driskill Hotel.

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