5 Best Laundry Hacks, According to TikTok

Washing your clothes will never be the same again.

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Laundry is something most of us have to do, so it's no surprise we're always looking for ways to accomplish this household chore more efficiently. Fortunately, TikTok has taught us some new ways to speed up our laundry routines and make this task a little easier.

With #laundryhacks collecting more than 423 million views and #laundryhack garnering more than 1.1 billion views, there certainly isn’t a lack of content on this topic. From ways to save money to DIYs, here are the best laundry hacks according to TikTok. 

Save Cash by Using Cold Water

Washing your clothes in hot water is not only more expensive, but also uses more energy than washing in cold water, one TikTok user points out. According to the American Cleaning Institute, about 90 percent of the energy used by a washing machine goes to heating the water. But that’s not the only reason to wash in cold—it also prevents clothes from shrinking, so there’s no risk of accidentally turning those expensive barre socks into baby socks.

Make Your Own Scent Booster

Like laundry scent boosters but would rather DIY it? One TikTok creator shared an easy recipe that combines Epsom salt, baking soda, and essential oil. You can make any scent you want or even change it out seasonally. Store your booster in a mason jar or give it away as a gift. Best of all, this recipe is ideal for families where someone may be sensitive to chemicals and artificial fragrances used in commercial products. 

Give Your Laundry Room an Easy Makeover

Do you have a lot of laundry, but a small laundry room? One creator had the most brilliant hack—using two 60-inch shelf tracks with four sets of twin shelf racks attached. You can buy these inexpensive items at most hardware stores. Just be sure the tracks are properly bolted to the wall. Then slide up to four plastic horizontal laundry baskets onto each track. This setup makes separating loads of laundry as easy as possible, cutting down on the time it takes to sort your laundry.  

Swap Out Your Dryer Sheets for Dryer Balls

While dryer sheets might be convenient, they are expensive and create unnecessary waste, impacting the environment. So, if you’ve been trying to give them up, check out this video, where the creator shares the benefits of dryer balls, which include reducing drying time (which also saves energy) and cutting down on static.

Get Every Last Bit of Detergent Out of the Bottle

Do you use liquid detergent and have trouble getting that last drop out of the bottle? One TikTok user had a smart idea for getting her money’s worth. Just use a pair of pliers to remove the spout. Then pour that last little bit into the cup. It should only take a few seconds. Once the spout is out, you may have enough detergent left over for another load or two.

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