The 7 Best Laser Levels of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Our top pick is the Tavool Self Leveling Laser Level for its accuracy, durability, and low price.

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Four of the Best Laser Levels turned on showing the laser on a table.

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Whether you’re looking to hang up a picture frame, install a cabinet, or do any other kind of home renovation that requires making even measurements, a level is an essential tool. But while a traditional bubble level isn’t always the most reliable or long-lasting, a laser level offers far more accuracy, durability, and higher-level performance overall.

Unlike bubble levels, laser levels “project a beam of light that is perfectly level or plumb,” says Fariha Nasir, the DIY and lifestyle guru behind Pennies for a Fortune. She adds that these levels can also be more convenient, “since you're not holding up a tool against the wall, which frees up both hands.”

Gary McCoy, Lowe’s Store Manager serving Charlotte, NC, echoes this sentiment, noting that laser levels “help you make even measurements from the start to finish of a project,” making them ideal “whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer trying to hang shelves straight or you’re a skilled builder tackling more complex tasks.”

To find the best laser levels on the market, we tested 25 popular options in our Lab, evaluating them based on qualities like ease of use, value, accuracy, and more. We also got advice from both Nasir and McCoy on what to consider when shopping for laser levels and how to use them safely.

Our top pick is the Tavool Self Leveling Laser Level, which our testers loved for its high level of accuracy, shockproof make, and affordable price, among other features.

Best Overall Laser Level

Tavool Self-Leveling Laser Level

Tavool Self-Leveling Laser Level


Who it’s for: People who want a simple to use, durable laser with three orientation options.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a laser that can be used outdoors in bright daylight.

By far, the best laser level that we tested in our Lab was this 3-in-1 option from Tavool, which offers everything you’d want in this type of tool and so much more. For one thing, it’s super easy to use, especially when switching between horizontal to plumb and crosshair, thanks to the one primary button that controls its functions. For another, it gives visibility up to 50 feet, with a bright red laser beam that “extended far and leveled very quickly,” says our tester.

This excellent laser level has proven to be exceedingly accurate, with “no deviation” during use. It also is quite durable, surviving a drop test without any issue, and it’s designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Additionally, this tool can even be self-leveling when placed on an inclined surface, saving you valuable time and effort. Price-wise, it’s fairly low considering its many benefits, and it can last for 15-20 hours operation time. Overall, this level wins our top spot because it’s “easy to use, leveled well, and reasonably priced,” among other perks.

Price at time of publish: $56

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, cross
  • Color: Red
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
Tavool Self-Leveling Laser Level being tested

Henry Wortock

Best Budget Laser Level

Tacklife Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level



Who it’s for: People who just need a simple, reliable level with two modes.

Who it isn’t for: People who want use of the level outdoors.

If staying under a tight budget is a concern, make sure to check out this inexpensive level from Tacklife. It’s a simple to use, reliable tool that readily stood up to our tests. The compact and relatively lightweight level emits both horizontal and vertical red lines every time (up to 50 feet in length), so you never have to switch between modes, and it also is capable of either manual or self-leveling modes, making it even more handy.

“This level easily gave me level and plumb lines that I felt I could trust,” says our tester. They found that the self-leveling feature does wobble slightly, making “adjusting it a bit more challenging,” but the results were still more than satisfactory. They also found it to be durable and versatile, and a good value with that low price compared to so many others. “It’s a low-cost tool to have around for when you need it,” says our tester. Just keep in mind that it’s only designed to be used indoors.

Price at time of publish: $27

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical
  • Color: Red
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
Tacklife Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level being tested

Henry Wortock

Best Laser Level with Clamp

Bosch GLL25-10 Self-Leveling Laser Level



Who it’s for: People who want an extra sturdy and reliable level for a low price.

Who it isn’t for: People want a level that emits laser lines up to 50 feet.

Choosing a laser level that comes with a clamp is a good choice, as it’ll let the device rest securely on any surface you need. This option from Bosch has a “super handy” clamping mechanism, in addition to a 360-degree rotating neck and the ability to attach to a tripod for extra steadiness. 

This level has vertical, horizontal, and crosshair modes, and features self-leveling as a bonus. It emits bright red lines that “are very thin and crisp, but remain easy to see,” says our tester. They also found it to be extremely durable and accurate, and liked that it only requires AAA batteries to use. Additionally, “the brand is trustworthy, and the price is reasonable,” they say.

On the downside, the laser light only goes for 30 feet, not 50 feet like some other models, and it can only be used indoors due to the strength of the light it emits. Still, there’s a lot to love about it, especially the included clamp, self-leveling capability, and fairly low cost, just to name a few.

Price at time of publish: $50

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, cross
  • Color: Red
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser being tested

Henry Wortock

Best Laser Level for DIYers

RockSeed Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser

RockSeed 50 Feet Cross Line Laser with Self-Leveling


Who it’s for: People who want an ultra-bright laser level that’s notably durable.

Who it isn’t for: People who want a self-leveling feature that’s very easy to use.

Are you the kind of person who’s always making tiny improvements to your home? Then you’ll want a laser level like this option from RockSeed, which is particularly great for DIY projects like putting up art and cabinets. It emits horizontal, vertical, and crosshair lines in a vibrant green light, and has both manual and self-leveling features. And according to our testers, this “no-frills” laser “casts a consistently bright line at a long distance.”

The level is designed to be waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and more, and our testers found that it suffered no damage despite two drop tests, likely thanks in part to its protective rubber overmolding on the edges and corners. As for negatives, the testers found that “the line wobbles wildly during self-leveling, making positioning a bit of a chore,” but found a workaround by positioning the locked levels using the crosshairs aimed at the point you need. 

In terms of cost, “the price seems very reasonable for the ease of use and durability,” said our testers, and it also helpfully comes with a carrying pouch and has batteries included.

Price at time of publish: $41

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, cross
  • Color: Green
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
RockSeed Laser Level being tested

Henry Wortock

Best Laser Level for Outdoor Use

Huepar 3D Laser Level Cross Line

Huepar 621CG 3D Cross-Line Self-Leveling Green Laser Level


Who it’s for: People who want a super bright level that offers all-around coverage.

Who it isn’t for: People who want to keep costs low when it comes to their tools.

Although most laser levels are intended primarily for indoor use, some are geared for outdoors, such as this top-rated model from Huepar. Its extra-bright lights and all-around coverage make it able to be effectively used outside in the sun, as our testing found. According to one tester, the level offers “crisp, crean lines that are easy to see, and that broadcast a very long way—I could use this across my yard.”

Other perks of this level include its easy and quick set up, reliable self-leveling mode, and two brightness modes, a “unique feature” compared to other options, says our tester. They also found it to be highly durable, due in part to “a generously padded case” and “hefty” build. Additionally, the level provides a 360-degree horizontal line, one vertical line, and even two plumb dots to help with alignment.

The price of this laser level is notably higher than many other models, so if cost is an important factor for you, this may not be the right pick for your needs. But if you’re willing to shell out some cash, you’ll be glad you invested in this level, which is “very well built” and provides “excellent” performance.

Price at time of publish: $170

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, cross
  • Color: Green
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
Huepar 3D Laser Level Cross Line being tested

Henry Wortock

Best Heavy-Duty Laser Level

Cigman 3x360° Green Laser Level



Who it’s for: People who need a professional-quality level that can cover the entire space of a room and comes with many features.

Who it isn’t for: People who mainly do smaller, less-intensive DIY projects.

Working on major home renovation projects that require the utmost precision and care? Consider picking a laser level like this option from Cigman, which has plenty of features that make it ideal for heavy-duty work. First and foremost, it has three lasers—one horizontal line and two vertical lines, all 360-degrees—so you can cover a large area with ease. “Three lasers gives more possibilities for splitting up a room,” notes our tester.

There’s also the “crisp and very visible” green lines produced by the level, which are “easy to see in a brighter light” than red lines, and “broadcast a long way”—up to 100 feet. There’s even an included remote control with rechargeable batteries to make handling the level as simple as possible, as well as a portable bag, mini tripod, magnetic base, and more. Truly, this level has everything you need for those larger-than-average projects.

Still, there is the factor of its price, which is far above most other levels we tested. That said, “it comes with features, accessories, and capabilities that push it toward the professional level,” says our tester.

Price at time of publish: $180

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, cross
  • Color: Green
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
Cigman 3x360° Green Laser Level being tested

Henry Wortock

Best Laser Level Kit

Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level Kit

Johnson Level & Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level Kit


Who it’s for: People who want a highly accurate level that comes with helpful accessories.

Who it isn’t for: People who will only use their level occasionally and for smaller projects.

If you don’t want to have to buy any accessories like a tripod or carrying case separately, we recommend opting for a laser level kit such as this great option from Johnson. Inside the hard cover kit, you’ll find an elevating tripod that can be quickly attached to the laser, tinted glasses to help you see the laser lights more clearly, and, of course, the level itself. The glasses are especially helpful, says our tester, as they “truly brighten up the red laser line.”

This level is also “extremely easy to run,” says our tester, with automatic and “very accurate” self-leveling and two crisp, clean vertical and horizontal lines and a 360-degree base for angling. Additionally, our tester found it to be extremely durable and easy to install on the included tripod for times when you want some added stability. It can also last for 12 hours continuously and has batteries included.

Because of its high price, this level kit won’t be for everyone, especially those who typically do more minor DIY projects. But “if you need a laser level to be as close to perfect for level and plumb, then this device is an excellent product,” says our tester.

Price at time of publish: $145

Product Details:

  • Beam Orientation: Horizontal, vertical, cross
  • Color: Red
  • Self-Leveling: Yes
Johnson Level & Tool Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Kit being tested

Henry Wortock

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Tavool Self-Leveling Laser Level, due to its ease of use, proven durability, and 50-feet length of visibility, just to name a few of its great features. We also love its low price compared to many other similar options.

Our Testing Process

We acquired 25 laser levels and put them to use in our Lab. First, we set up each laser level, evaluating how easy they were to turn on and whether any calibration steps needed to be performed to get the laser to work. We then used a stopwatch and timed how long it took for each level to attach to the tripod and project the laser.

We then put the laser level through three tests. First, adjusting only the tripod and not the laser itself, we timed how quickly the laser aligned with a premarked level line on the wall, taking note of how easy it was to see the laser line. If it did not match perfectly, we measured the deviation to the nearest 1/16 inch. 

Next, we marked a point either three inches above or below the premarked line. Again adjusting only the tripod, we evaluated whether or not the laser line remained level, and if it didn’t we measured how closely the laser matched this new line. We then took a pencil and marked the laser line on the wall, evaluating how fine the laser line was and how easy it was to mark.

The Cigman 3x360° Green Laser Level being tested

Henry Wortock

Third, we again adjusted the tripod so that the laser was aligned with the premarked line on the wall. We changed the laser mode to emit a vertical line only, and then adjusted the tripod head until the vertical laser line aligned with the premarked plumb line on the wall. We evaluated how easy the line was to see, and whether or not it matched the premarked line. If it didn’t, we measured the deviation to the nearest 1/16 inch.

Without moving the tripod or laser, we then changed the laser mode to crosshair—aka, a vertical and horizontal line simultaneously. We evaluated whether the laser aligned with both the vertical and horizontal premarked lines, and if it didn’t align we noted how easy or hard adjusting the laser or tripod was to achieve alignment.

For our final test, we evaluated each level’s durability by dropping each laser to the floor from the top of the tripod. If nothing broke, we dropped it again. We then turned each laser on and evaluated whether or not it was able to turn back on and work in all modes. We also examined each laser to see if it gained any scratches, cracks, or other markings. 

At the very end of the test, we gave testers the price of each laser level so they could evaluate the overall value of each. We took all of these testing insights to come up with the best laser levels.

How to Shop for Laser Levels Like a Pro


Naturally, you’ll want a laser level that offers as accurate results as possible, with lines that require no adjustment to be perfectly level and plumb. When shopping for these tools, make sure to take a look at the degree of accuracy typically listed on the packaging; the best options should have a very minimal deviation (or none), ideally under ⅛-inch. 

Beam Orientation

Most laser levels offer two beam orientations: vertical and horizontal (with one or both being 360-degree planes). Some higher-end models, though, will have an extra vertical laser listed, allowing you to cover the area of a larger space. Consider the size of the room(s) you’ll primarily be using the level in to decide which number of orientations is right for you—and if cost permits, always aim for a level with at least one 360-degree beam so you can really have your territory covered easily.

Beam Color

Laser levels come with either red or green laser lights. If your priority is gaining as much visibility as possible, a green laser is the way to go, as they “are more visible from a further distance and easier to use when working outdoors” than red lasers, says McCoy. “On the other hand, red lasers are less powerful but use less battery life and are less expensive.”


Many laser levels will project their light anywhere from 30-50 feet, which is typically more than enough for most home projects. If you need to cover a larger amount of space, however, look for a model that goes up to 100 feet—just be prepared to pay a good amount more for the extra range (like the Cigman 3x360° Green Laser Level, which has a range of 100 feet).


If possible, opt for a laser level with a self-leveling capability, as this will help you “avoid calibration errors,” says Nasir. To ensure the level’s stability, you’ll only need to place it on a flat surface and let the internal pendulum and magnets get to work and make it totally level. This feature can be especially useful if you’re working on a project in which accuracy is of the utmost importance and you don’t want to risk any errors. All of the lasers we recommend in this article are self-leveling.

More Laser Levels to Consider

Skil Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser Level: This laser level has a quick self-leveling feature, durable build, and an especially long reach (up to 65 feet). Still, it wasn’t as accurate as other models we tried out, with “some deviation,” according to our testers. Also, the laser it produces is a series of dashes, rather than a solid line, which might not be preferable to many users.

Hychika Green Laser Level: Another fairly inexpensive option, this laser level wins points for its “very crisp and easy to see” green lines and serious durability, according to our tester. However, the tripod it comes with “is not professional-grade,” leading to decreased accuracy and needed adjustments.

Questions You Might Ask

Are laser levels worth it?

Definitely, say both experts. “A laser level is 100 percent worth purchasing if you do any kind of DIY projects around the house like trim work or even something simple like a gallery wall,” explains Nasir. “It makes it so much easier to have a visual line as a guide rather than holding up a traditional level.” McCoy adds that laser levels “help you to produce perfect angles and flat planes, no matter the job.”

Do you need a tripod for a laser level?

For a relatively small job, a tripod isn’t necessary, although “it can be very helpful to adjust the height of the laser,” says Nasir. For larger and trickier jobs, however, a tripod can provide added “support and stability,” notes McCoy, especially on uneven ground. Consider the size and setting of the project in question to determine whether a tripod might make sense to purchase (some, like the Johnson Level & Tool Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Kit, come with a tripod).

What are some safety tips for laser levels?

First and foremost, be as gentle as possible when using the level, says Nasir, as its delicate nature means “the internal leveling unit can get damaged with rough handling.” McCoy adds that you should “never stare directly into a beam or direct it at others” to avoid potential eye injuries, and also “always position the device securely to prevent falling and resulting damage to the product or injury to the user.” Last but not least, he says, “do not leave the device turned on when unattended. Always turn it off when it’s not in use.” You can never be too careful!

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Rachel Simon, a writer for Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, The New York Times, and many other publications. To come up with this list, we tested 25 laser levels in our Lab and evaluated each for factors such as ease of use, accuracy, durability, and more. For expert insight, Rachel spoke to both Gary McCoy, Lowe’s Store Manager serving Charlotte, NC, and Fariha Nasir, the DIY and lifestyle guru behind Pennies for a Fortune.

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