The 8 Best Front Door Paint Color Combos to Boost Curb Appeal

From traditional duos to unexpected pops of color.

The exterior of your home is your first opportunity to make an impression, which is why so much emphasis is placed on generating great curb appeal. Beautiful landscaping, a tidy facade, and updated exterior features certainly add to your home’s visual charm, but your front door is perhaps one of the quickest ways to make a statement.

For front door color options, you can go with natural tones that blend in with the earth around you, traditional color duos that stand the test of time, or splashy pops of color to show off some extra personality. If you’re planning to give your own front door a fresh coat of paint, make sure not only to consider the color of your door, but also the color of the surrounding trim and the rest of your home exterior. For inspiration, read on for a list of interior designer-approved front door paint combos.

Black & White 

You can’t go wrong with the classic contrasting color combination of black and white. “I like this duo because it always works regardless of the style of your home,” notes Hema Persad, an interior designer with Clare Collective. “You can do the combo on a traditional, Spanish, Tudor, Cape Cod, or mid-century house. No matter what style, it's always going to look clean and fresh.” 

Red & Beige  

For a little less contrast and more warmth, consider going with a classic red and beige front door color combination. Chantelle Hartman Malarkey, an interior designer, says this duo works best for homes embracing a rustic or farmhouse style. It also works well in desert settings, especially if you tone the red down with a bit of terra cotta warmth. “[This combo is] warm and inviting, yet still eye-catching," Malarkey says. "It lends a sense of coziness and comfort to any home.” Add a wreath or some potted plants in coordinating colors to really tie the look together.  

Pale Green & Warm White 

Peter Spalding, an interior designer and co-founder of Daniel House Club, says that he’s seeing more people embrace softer tones for their exterior. A powdery sage green and warm white definitely align with that trend. Spalding likes the combo so much he even used it on his own front door. “Both colors are quiet and warm,” he says. He adds that since outside light tends to feel more intense, it’s best to choose a soft khaki white versus a stark, true white. 

Yellow & Gray 

Bring on the happy vibes with a sunshine yellow and gray front door. “I love this combination because it's cheerful and bright, yet still sophisticated and modern,” Malarkey says. “It lends a sense of energy and playfulness to any home. I would recommend this color combination for homes with a contemporary or mid-century modern style.” Add some black accents—such as a black metal mailbox or light fixture—to really make the yellow and gray pop. 

Midnight Blue & Wood 

A deep midnight blue with gray undertones is a classic color choice for the home’s exterior, says Sue Kim, a color expert for Sherwin-Williams. Blue clearly takes its cue from mother nature, evoking visions of the sea or sky. Kim notes that blue and natural wood each enhance the other's tone and create a sense of tranquil balance. For a modern touch, use a clear sealant or sheer stain on any wood and keep it consistent across the exterior of your home. 

Green & Brown 

Inspired by classic earth tones, green and brown is a front door color combination that works on a variety of homes. While it’s traditional—and likely HOA and neighbor approved—Malarkey says it still feels fresh and modern. “It lends a sense of calm and serenity to any home,” she says. She especially likes this duo on bungalow or craftsman style homes.  

Black & Wood 

If you like the idea of incorporating earthy wood tones into your front door but want to elevate the drama, Persad recommends pairing wood with an inky black. “I love how sleek a black home with wood accents can look,” Persad says. “If using this combo on a modern home it obviously goes with the clean lines, and black paint on a traditional style home can really update it and give it a modern twist.” Try a cedar or teak-stained wood and let green, lush landscaping infuse some warmth. 

Teal & Coral  

Craving a burst of color? Opt for a bold, playful duet of teal and coral. As whimsical as it is, the two colors balance each other out perfectly and end up feeling surprisingly chic and sophisticated. “I recommend this color combination for homes with a beachy or coastal style,” says Malarkey. “Add some seashell decor or a nautical-inspired doormat to really complete the beachy vibe.”

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