The 9 Best Desks of 2023

The Loring Wood Writing Desk With Drawers tops our list.

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Best Desks of 2022

If you’re one of those people who still work from home more often than not, then setting yourself up for success with the right desk is absolutely essential. “Having too much clutter around or not using your office space properly can cause all sorts of issues in your productivity levels,” adds Robert Novogratz, one half of husband-and-wife duo designers The Novogratz. “Luckily, desks come in all materials, sizes, and price points, so it’s actually incredibly easy to get a stylish desk that fits both your needs and budget.” This can help organize your WFH space, elevate your day, and help you be more productive throughout.

It’s important to note, however, that because there are so many different options when it comes to desks, it’s important to be strategic about the desk you choose. “Where is the desk going to be used?  Is there a little nook it has to fit into? Do you need storage? How long will you want to use the desk? Do you want a look that’s more classic or contemporary? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself, which will help you narrow down your search,” says Novogratz.

Below, our recommendations for the best desks and expert advice on what to look for in a desk for your home office.

Best Overall Desk

17 Stories Solid Wood Desk

17 Stories Wood Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to set up a permanent workspace in their home with room for an extra monitor and other accessories.

Who it isn’t for: People who prefer their desks to have drawers to store items out of sight when they’re not at their desk.

If you have the space set aside for a permanent workspace in your home, this simple desk has plenty of features to help you stay productive at a very reasonable price. While many budget-friendly desks come with only one flat surface for you to fit your monitor, laptop, and desk accessories, this one has multiple and surface area for monitors, keyboards, notebooks—even a compact printer, if you need one.

The style of this desk is fairly basic, but with all of the extra room, you can add decorative elements to seamlessly blend it into your space. Like many desks at this price, assembly is required.

Price at time of publish: $220

Size: 35.83 x 55.12 x 19.69 inches | Material: Manufactured wood | Shape: Rectangular

Best Budget Desk

WOHOMO Folding Desk

WOHOMO Folding Desk


Who it’s for: People who need a portable option for their WFH setup.

Who it isn’t for: People who use a monitor or other accessories in addition to a laptop.

For a modern look on a budget, this portable folding desk is a good option if you need the occasional desk to work from at home. It has a relatively roomy top for a portable option, but it’s not so bulky that it can’t be put away when needed. 

This pick is incredibly lightweight—just under 15 pounds—but is made from engineered wood so it has a durable build that’s helpful when you move it around a fair amount. We recommend this option if you’re looking for something that will allow you to get a desk-like feel without committing to turning a corner of your home into a permanent work from home space.

Price at time of publish: $80

Size: 29.52 inches x 31.5 inches x 15.75 inches | Material: Engineered wood | Shape: Rectangle

Best Small Desk

Project 62 Loring Wood Writing Desk with Drawers

Loring Wood Writing Desk with Drawers - Project 62

Courtesy of Target

Who it’s for: People who want a sturdy, multi-purpose desk that doesn’t take up a ton of room.

Who it isn’t for: Those who need a lot of storage built into their desks.

The Loring Wood Writing Desk is a top pick for small spaces because it truly has almost everything you’d need in a desk, including a durable design, sturdy finish, multiple drawers, and sleek wood. In fact, it even includes two outlets and two USB ports at the back, so that you don’t have to worry about cords tangled around by your feet! 

The two drawers are big enough to fit chargers, a small laptop, and your basic office supplies, so if you hate clutter but don’t need a ton of storage, this is a fantastic pick for you. It’s lacking a bit in extra space for anything besides your basic computer set up, but in terms of durability and ease of use, it’s basically a steal. 

Price at time of publish: $130

Size: 30 x 42 x 20 inches | Material: Wood | Shape: Rectangle

Best Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 72" x 30" Natural Bamboo Top - Electric Adjustable Desk Height from 25.5" to 50.7" with Memory Preset Controller...


Who it’s for: Anyone looking to upgrade their home office with a more flexible work set-up.

Who it isn’t for: Those looking to set up a workspace on a budget.

Some people are now opting for standing desks in order to break up the monotony and get a little movement throughout their work days. We love this pick for its remarkable customization: It’s available in several sizes, ranging from 30 to 72 inches wide, and you can change the color of the legs, add on powered grommets, and even select your preferred height range, with options that go as low as 22.9 inches and as tall as 51 inches. With a 15-year warranty, you’re also very protected in case anything goes wrong.

Of course, all of the customizations come at a cost, and if you want to add on storage or other premium options, it’s not the most budget-friendly desk. However, this desk does have features that make the price tag worth it. It has a 350-pound weight limit, so you can use as many monitors and you can fit, and has a mechanical up-down set up for smoother, effort-free transitions between sitting and standing.

Price at time of publish: $1,029

Size: Varies (customizable) | Material: Bamboo | Shape: Rectangle or contour

Best Corner Desk

Coopers Corner Desk

Coopers Corner Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

Who it’s for: People looking to maximize the use of tight spaces in their homes. 

Who it isn’t for: People who are looking for a traditional desk-like setup.

Corner desks are great for when you don’t want your desk to be the center of attention in a room — they create little pockets of space in which to work instead of taking up a whole wall. This gorgeous corner desk from Wayfair has an incredibly stylish tempered glass desktop with metal legs for a touch of glam, and it’s just large enough to get a lot of work done without taking up too much space. 

We love that this tiny desk can be used for a completely different purpose when the work day is over, thanks to its minimalist style and glass top. If you’re using it in a corner of your living room it would be a great bar for parties, and in a bedroom it would be a great spot for applying makeup.

Price at time of publish: $210

Size: 30 x 42 x 28 inches | Material: Glass and metal | Shape: Corner

Best Secretary Desk

Pottery barn Farmhouse 40" Secretary Desk with Drawers

Farmhouse 40" Secretary Desk with Drawers

Pottery Barn

Who it’s for: Those who need a lot of storage for files and office supplies.

Who it isn’t for: People with heavy computer setups that can’t be easily tucked away.

For a great writing surface plus loads of storage, consider investing in this splurge-worthy secretary desk from Pottery Barn. Crafted from layers of classic mahogany hardwood, this is a heavy desk for sure … but it comes equipped with an open shelf, sturdy surface for writing, multiple compartments, and six drawers to store all the odds and ends you might need. 

It can hold up to 70 pounds in weight on just the surface alone, and is available in three beautiful finishes to match your home: white, espresso, and gray. We really love that this desk can be full closed up when you’re finished working to create some mental space between yourself and your work (and keep your space looking tidy).

Price at time of publish: $2,199

Size: 57.5 x 40 x 21 inches | Material: Wood | Shape: Rectangle

Best Executive Desk

Bryce Executive Desk

Bryce Executive Desk

Courtesy of West Elm

Who it’s for: People with home offices who want the full-on office experience.

Who it isn’t for: People who aren’t interested in investing in a large statement piece.

If you’re looking for an executive desk to make you feel like you’re the CEO of your very own office, this hardwood option from West Elm is incredible. With a fun, retro, slatted style that mimics that of the ‘60s and ‘70s, it contains both shelves and drawers for tons of hidden storage. And it’s built to last, too, thanks to the fact that the walnut engineered wood has been kiln-dried for added durability.

If you’re really looking to decorate your home office, we also love that there are plenty of machine pieces available at West Elm to give your space a cohesive look. And if you hate building furniture, that’s fine—West Elm will fully assemble this piece for you and take away all of the trash.

Price at time of publish: $1,649

Size: 30 x 64 x 30 inches | Material: Wood | Shape: Rectangle

Best L-Shaped Desk

Pilsen Graphite L-Shaped Desk With Glass Top

Pilsen Graphite L-Shaped Desk With Glass Top

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Who it’s for: People who want a minimalist desk with plenty of room to spread out. 

Who it isn’t for: People who don’t want to invest in organizers to keep things looking tidy.

L-shaped desks provide lots of surface area that can be easily accessed by just pivoting your chair. This one has the added benefit of being incredibly minimalist—meaning you get plenty of space to work without your desk visually dominating the entire room. Whether you pick the glass or wooden top, this simple, sleek design is great if you need a lot of room for papers, note pads, and computers on a regular basis.

Some assembly is required, but that allows for extra flexibility on your part, especially if you end up changing where your desk is after you’ve assembled it. The desk comes in two easy-to-swap pieces, so if you decide you want to move your desk around, you can easily swap it from a left-oriented desk to a right-oriented desk one (or vice versa). 

Price at time of publish: $599

Size: 29 x 72 x 48 inches | Material: Glass and steel | Shape: L-Shaped

Final Verdict

The 17 Stories Solid Wood Desk is the best overall due to its size, multi-surface design, and reasonable price. However, for those looking for a compact option, the Wohomo Folding Desk is modern and foldable, so it can be stored away when not in use.

How to Shop for a Desk Like a Pro


Size is a key factor when deciding which desk to pick, especially if you don’t have a dedicated home office and need to put your desk in a bedroom or living room. The best way to determine the size of desk for you is, obviously, to measure the space in which you want to keep your desk, and then pick an option that fits those dimensions. “Once you’ve determined the optimal place for your new desk, take measurements and note the desk width and depth you desire, as well as how much storage you need,” says interior designer Gail E. Jametz of Soul Interiors Design. “Typically, desks with a 30-inch deep work surface are more functional and roomier than a 24-inch deep desktop, but it all depends on what you have space for.”


The shape of your desk depends on a number of factors, such as size of your space, location of your desk, and your own personal preference. “There are a number of different shapes available, including L-shaped, corner, and hexagon, but the most popular one available is rectangle,” says Jametz. “If you’re planning on keeping your desk in a corner and don’t have much space, I suggest a corner desk, or an L-shaped desk if you have the room. Otherwise, a rectangular desk works well for most spaces.”


There are plenty of different storage options, including drawers, shelves, and cabinets, and some desks even come with hidden compartments in which you can sneak small accessories like headphones or chargers. Think about whether you have a lot of things to store, as well as whether you want open storage (where one can see all your items) or closed. If you’re somebody with a lot of notes, clutter, stationary, or office supplies, you’d do well to invest in a desk with a lot of drawers for storage, while books, file boxes, and other large items can work on desks with shelves.

Questions You Might Ask

What is the best height for a desk? 

“When sitting at a desk and typing on a computer, you want to be ergonomically positioned, so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle to your outstretched arms,” says Jametz. “This will reduce neck and back strain, and the optimal desk height to achieve this is 30 inches above the finished floor for most people.” If you’re taller, however, you’d do well to look for something higher that gives you that angle for the best posture. Adjustable height chairs can also help you find the right angle for your head, neck, and elbows.

What are some tips for organizing a desk?

“It’s extremely important to keep clutter under control, as it can affect not only the look of your space, but also your productivity levels,” says Novogratz. “Investing in some organizing pieces for your desk, like drawers, tiered trays for files and papers, and closed or open storage—either next to or attached to the desk—will help make sure that you always find what you’re looking for.”

What is the best way to clean a desk?

The best way to clean a desk depends on the material the desk is made of: However, a rule of thumb is some white vinegar or soap and water, and wiping the desk down with a damp cloth, according to Novogratz. Ammonia should be avoided, especially on acrylic desks. 

If your desk is made of wood, you’ll want to use a very lightly damp microfiber cloth, and keep water away from the desk as much as you can. Mineral spirits would work well for a deep clean, but it’s important to not use wood polish on your desk, as many of them can be filled with chemicals and leave a greasy sheen: This also makes the wood look a lot more dull overall.

Take Our Word For It

This article was written by Nikhita Mahtani, a freelance writer who has been writing and editing for home publications for more than six years. For this article, she spoke to Robert Novogratz, one half of husband-and-wife duo designers The Novogratz, and Gail E. Jametz, an interior designer at Soul Interiors Design, for information on what to look for when you’re shopping for a desk. When considering desks for this list, she looked at material, value, size, and versatility.

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