I'm a Home Editor—and These Are My 6 Favorite Home Must-Haves for Fall

Including the ultimate cooling-yet-cozy bed sheets.

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As adamantly as I insist that I'm a "summer person" who dreads the first chill of fall, I have to admit that my home decor game really peaks in autumn. The shift in sunlight inspires me to light a candle and switch on those small shaded lamps on my kitchen counter. The knit blankets come out of hiding and I'll take any excuse to pile on the throw pillows. And maybe it's the nostalgic feeling of back-to-school shopping, but the shift in season inevitably makes me want to collect things. Here are some of the must-haves that caught my eye this fall—all guaranteed to make your home feel warm, cozy, and winter-ready.

Match Cloche

Clear, yellow, and purple glass match cloches from Anthrologie with matches in them, RealSimple


Available at Anthropologie

There are two harbingers of fall: the annual return of the pumpkin spice latte (and PSL-themed everything) and scented candles. No matter if cardamom, cedar, or "flannel and fedoras" (yes, that's a real candle) is your scent of choice, a glass cloche stocked with matches will elevate your nightly candle-lighting ritual. To turn up the candlelight without overwhelming the senses, stick to just one scented candle, then supplement with unscented tea lights set in votive holders.

Note to self: Stock up on these match cloches for crowd-pleasing holiday gifts.

Etched Wine Glasses

Etched Ribbed Wine Glasses by Athena Calderone for Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

Available at Crateandbarrel

To me, fall is wine season (OK, every season is wine season). But how good would a glass of red wine look in these elegantly tapered wine glasses with etched fluting? Part of interior designer Athena Calderone's new collab with Crate & Barrel, the fluting on these glasses is a motif that runs throughout the collection, with ribbed designs appearing on everything from terracotta vases to corduroy pillows. For a look that's elevated yet understated, you can't go wrong with any piece from this collection.

A Good Book (or Two)

Emily Henderson Design Book


Available at Amazon

In case the progression of events isn't clear by now: All I want to do in fall is light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and cozy up with a dreamy book. For me, a home decor book is exactly the type of nesting fodder this season calls for. Interior designer Emily Henderson's latest, The New Design Rules, makes me want to pick out wallpaper and repaint the window trim. But if a memoir, thriller, or romance is more your speed, check out some of our favorite books of 2023.

Cooling (Yet Cozy) Bed Sheets

White Brushed Cotton Bed Sheet Bundle, Parachute


Available at Parachutehome

Here's the thing: even though it's autumn and I want to be cozy, the over-active radiator in my bedroom means I still need exceptionally cooling bed sheets. These brushed cotton bed sheets from Parachute strike the right balance: they're soft like your favorite t-shirt but cooler than a sateen sheet. They'll feel snuggly when you dive into bed, but you won't wake up in a sweat. You can splurge on the full set, or opt for just the top sheet—at $100 it's still a luxury, but one you won't regret.

Fairy Lights

Battery Operated Fairy Lights


Available at Amazon

For a cozy glow that will make your home feel warm and welcoming, nothing beats battery-powered fairy lights. You can arrange them in a glass bowl or vase, drape them over a mirror, intertwine them in a centerpiece—the possibilities for these shimmering lights are endless. And because they don't scream "holiday" as loudly as classic string lights do, you can leave them out all season.

Cute Countertop Lamp

Small countertop lamp in white and pleated brown lampshade


Available at Amazon

If you don't already have a tiny lamp on your kitchen countertop, get one. Trust me, it's a game-changer. When you're meal prepping, of course you'll want the full visibility of the overhead lights, but at night once the room is cleaned up, turn on a little shaded countertop lamp and the room will glow. Choose from a variety of lamp styles, with a rattan or ceramic base and pleated shades in a range of colors, all for less than $45.

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