The 6 Best Baking Sheets of 2023, According to Our Testing

We recommend the Nordic Ware Naturals Baker’s Half Sheet for its solid performance and incredible value.

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Baking sheets are a versatile tool that everybody should have at least one of in their kitchen. They give you a generous surface area to make savory snacks, quick weeknight meals, and delectable desserts, including the perfect chocolate chip cookies. What’s more, they’re pretty affordable. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should go cheap on baking sheets, according to Christina Chonody, the Culinary Marketing Director at Hestan Culinary. “The biggest mistake consumers make is purchasing less expensive products with the expectation of replacing them in six months to a year,” she says. “Instead, consumers should invest in high-quality sheet pans that are engineered to last. This is also a more sustainable and less wasteful approach.” 

To help you figure out which baking sheets to invest in, we tested 23 in our Lab, evaluating them on durability, performance, ease of cleaning, and value. In addition to Chonody, we also spoke to three other baking experts: Alicia Becerra, a winner of Food Network’s Cake Wars; Wendy Kou, author of Colossal Cookies; and Sally McKenney, author of Sally’s Baking Addiction. Our best overall pick is the popular Nordic Ware Naturals Baker's Half Sheet for its excellent performance, even distribution of heat, nonstick coating, and more. 

Read on to learn more about our top picks as well as how to shop for the best baking sheets. 

Best Overall Baking Sheet

Nordic Ware Naturals Baker's Half Sheet

Nordic Ware Naturals Baker's Half Sheet


Who it’s for: People who want a durable baking sheet that’s lightweight and easy to clean. 

Who it isn’t for: People who don’t want an aluminum baking sheet.

McKenney tells us that one of her favorite baking sheets to use are from Nordic Ware. “[Nordic Ware baking sheets] are excellent quality and have stood the test of time (and very frequent use),” she says. Our tester also confirmed the quality of these baking sheets, saying that they performed “perfectly” through all of our tests. The cookies came out “evenly browned”, while the potatoes didn’t stick to the surface one bit, both while flipping midway through cooking and in the end when they were fully roasted. 

And, despite the oven being cranked up to 475 degrees, the pan did not warp at all. This durability can be attributed to its aluminum material. Aluminum can handle high heat settings and, unlike other baking sheet materials, won’t hold on to heat for too long after being taken out of the oven. It also excels at distributing heat evenly, meaning that there will never be a time where food on one end of the pan is getting a different cooking experience than food on another part of the pan.

Its lighter weight also made it easy to transport in and out of the oven—great for pre-cooking ribs before grilling. Plus, cleaning was practically seamless. Keep in mind that because this is aluminum, it will react to acidic ingredients like vinegar and tomatoes, which cause additional wear overtime.

Price at time of publish: $26 for 2-pack

Material: Aluminum | Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.3 inches | Weight: 1.6 pounds | Care: Hand wash recommended

Nordic Ware Naturals Baker's Half Sheet being tested

Lindsay Owens

Best Nonstick Baking Sheet

Circulon Total Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Sheet

Circulon Total Bakeware Set


Who it’s for: People who want a baking sheet that is super easy to clean.

Who it isn’t for:
People who are looking for a baking sheet that can be used for baking and roasting.

Nonstick baking sheets are great for people who want to ensure the smallest amount of mess possible when roasting or baking. During our tests, our tester told us that “nothing stuck” to the Circulon Total Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Sheet while in use. The cookies slid right off of the baking sheet, and the potatoes came off so easily that they could have “just dumped them straight off with no problem.” And when it came time to clean, they didn’t have to do any kind of scrubbing.

This baking sheet can also handle high heat, which can’t be said for all nonstick sheet pans. The pan survived being in the broiler and didn’t warp after. Although both our cookies and potatoes came out tasting delicious, our tester told us they’d prefer to use this just sheet for baking. The reason has to do with the thickness of the pan, which resulted in our potatoes taking longer to cook. Despite this, our tester was still so impressed with the performance of the pan that they would recommend it to family and friends, saying that “I don’t think any cook should pass on them, they’re great for everyone.” Remember that like nonstick cookware, you shouldn’t use metal utensils on this baking sheet, as it will damage the surface. 

 Price at time of publish: $25 for 2-pack

Material: Steel | Dimensions: 15 x 10 inches | Weight: 2 pounds | Care: Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended

Circulon Total Bakeware Set Nonstick Cookie Baking Sheets being tested

People / Bailey Fink

Best Baking Sheet for Cookies

Vollrath Wear-Ever Heavy Duty Sheet Pan (Half Size)

Vollrath Wear-Ever Half-Size Sheet Pan


Who it’s for: People who want a baking sheet that won’t brown or burn cookie bottoms.

Who it isn’t for: People looking for a less expensive sheet pan.

There is so much that can go wrong with cookies if you don’t have the right baking sheet. We discovered that out of all the sheet pans we tested, this Vollrath sheet pan proved to be the most reliable in getting our cookies just right. Our tester told us that the chocolate chip cookies came out “honestly, pretty perfect”, describing the tops as lightly browned (as they should be) and the bottoms as not “overly browned or crispy.” This result, believe it or not, has to do with the color of the pan. In the baking sheet world, the lighter the color, the less likely that cookies will become very brown or burned on the bottom.

In addition to making great cookies, the Vollrath Wear-Ever Sheet Pan did well with roasting potatoes. Not much stuck to the surface from both recipes, and the pan was overall very easy to clean. What we didn’t like, however, was that the pan already had some scratches after use. Still, our tester said they could see themselves using it for the frequent sheet pan meals they make in their home. 

 Price at time of publish: $23

Material: Aluminum | Dimensions: 17.3 x 12.4 inches | Weight: 1.84 pounds | Care: Not listed; hand wash recommended

Vollrath Wear-Ever Heavy Duty Sheet Pan (Half Size) being tested

Mary Hodes

Best Baking Sheet for Baking

All-Clad Pro-Release Jelly Roll Pan

All-Clad Pro-Release Jelly Roll Pan


Who it’s for: People who do more baking than cooking with their sheet pans. 

Who it isn’t for: People who want a baking sheet that is less likely to stain with use.

One may think that any baking sheet, by definition, is good for all types of baking, but it isn’t that simple. In reality, jelly roll pans are better suited for baking than your average sheet pan. First and foremost, jelly roll pans are designed specifically for jelly roll cakes. However, they can also be used to make a thin sheet cake, brownies, and blondies as well as cookies and smaller servings of roasted recipes. This jelly roll pan from All-Clad affords all of these baking opportunities, including very convenient angled edges to ensure that your oven mitts won’t touch your food while moving in and out of the oven—so the melted cheese on that sourdough pizza won't end up on your mitts.

This baking sheet is also nonstick, which we found to be accurate during our testing. The cookies, which our tester described as being “slightly golden brown with a crispy crunchy bottom”, didn’t stick, and our potatoes practically slid off the pan. And although the pan can only handle oven temperatures up to 450 degrees, our tester said its “sturdy build” prevented it from being warped in a broiler that was 25 degrees higher. During cleaning, however, we were a little disappointed that some staining did occur.

Price at time of publish: $38

Material: Aluminized steel | Dimensions: 15 x 10 inches | Weight: 2.14 pounds | Care: Hand wash

All-Clad Pro-Release Jelly Roll Pan being tested by cooking wedge fries

Perri Kressel

Best Baking Sheet for Roasting

Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan

Holy Sheet Pan

Great Jones

Who it’s for: People who want a sheet pan that is dishwasher-friendly.

Who it isn’t for: People who don’t care about aesthetics and people who don’t want to spend a lot on a baking sheet.

Sheet pan dinner enthusiasts will love this roaster-friendly baking sheet. Instead of breading and frying shrimp individually, bake them on a sheet pan for a healthier option. During testing, we were delighted to discover that our potatoes came out pretty close to perfect. Our tester told us that the potatoes cooked evenly, didn’t get stuck to the pan at all, and ended up having a “beautiful crisp to them without being overcooked.” They also told us that the Holy Sheet’s large size makes it perfect for large batches of food. As for our cookies, they also fared well during our testing, with our tester describing the end result as having “crispy, dark golden” bottoms with “soft and gooey” tops.

The Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan is made of aluminized steel with a non-stick ceramic coating that our tester said felt “durable and long-lasting.” And unlike many baking sheets, you can actually put this one in the dishwasher. What really stands out about the Holy Sheet is its beautiful collection of vibrant color options. The raspberry, broccoli, and blueberry colors are a nice departure from your run-of-the-mill gray aluminum pan that can be found anywhere.

Price at time of publish: $40

Material: Aluminized steel | Dimensions: 17.25 x 12.25 inches or 18.5 x 13.5 inches | Weight: 2 pounds | Care: Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended

Great Jones Holy Sheet being tested with cookies

Rachel Lee

Best Splurge Baking Sheet

Caraway Baking Sheet

Caraway Baking Sheet


Who it’s for: People who want a nonstick pan that is safe to use in 500-plus degree ovens.

Who it isn’t for: People who don’t want to spend a lot on a single baking sheet. 

Although this baking sheet from Caraway is more than double the price of some other sheet pans we tested, our tester told us that it’s definitely worth the splurge. Our tester called this pan “amazing” and said that they would “trust it with any recipe.” The potatoes we cooked came out deliciously crispy while the cookies boasted a beautiful, golden-brown bottom with a slightly gooey middle.

This baking sheet is nonstick, which we found to be very effective during our testing, so much so that our tester said it “looked brand new” after use. What’s also super great about this baking sheet is that it can handle very high heat (up to 550 degrees), which isn’t common with nonstick cookware in general—ideal to use in the broiler. Because of this, our tester found this pan to be “extremely durable” and believes that it is “built to last.” Another unique feature of the Caraway Baking Sheet is that it comes in multiple colors, including a blue, mustard, army green, and more. Even though we loved this sheet pan, our tester felt the price was too high for those who don’t bake often.

Price at time of publish: From $45

Material: Aluminized steel | Dimensions: 18 x 13 inches or 15 x 10 inches | Weight: Not listed | Care: Hand wash

Caraway Baking Sheet being tested using wedge fries

People / Bridget Degnan

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Nordic Ware Naturals Baker's Half Sheet for its ability to make evenly baked cookies and potatoes during our testing. Our food also did not stick to its aluminum surface nor did the pan warp. Plus, it was a breeze to clean. 

Our Testing Process

We tested 23 baking sheets in our Lab and assessed them on durability, performance, ease of cleaning, and value. Our first test involved making chocolate chip cookies on the baking sheets. We put as many cookies as we could fit on the baking sheets, so long as they were spaced between two and three inches apart. We recorded that amount then proceeded to bake them at 350 degrees for 12-13 minutes, flipping them halfway through baking. Once the cookies cooled down, we observed how dark and crispy the bottoms were and if they were easy to remove from our baking sheet.

Our second test involved roasting potato wedges. We flipped the potatoes halfway through cooking to test for stickiness in addition to observing how easy it was to release the potatoes from the baking sheet once they were done. We also noted if the pan warped and how easy it was to clean after it cooled down completely. We then conducted a separate warping test by putting our baking sheets in the oven for 20 minutes with the broiler on (475 degrees). We took them out and recorded if there was any warping, and if there was, if it went back to its original shape once cooled down. In the end, we recorded how easy it was to use each baking sheet, noting what factors made it easy to use. We took all this information to come up with the best baking sheets. 

Circulon Total Bakeware Set, tester placing baking sheet of raw cookie dough into oven

Bailey Fink

How to Shop for Baking Sheets Like a Pro


Becerra, Kou, and Chonody all favor baking sheets made from a combination of steel and aluminum. Kou has found stainless steel to be the most durable material for baking sheets. She told us that stainless steel is not only able to withstand high oven temperatures, but also yields an even bake. Chonody champions stainless steel too, but tells us that a baking sheet made of steel alone will not get the job done. “Steel or stainless steel on its own is not a great heat conductor, which is why you often see it clad with other materials—aluminum and copper, for example,” she says. 

Aluminum is such a great conductor of heat that you will also find baking sheets that are made of aluminum only. These types of pans are thin so they’re able to heat up and cool down quickly—and because they don't hold on to heat after being taken out of the oven, your food won’t continue to cook. One drawback with aluminum though, according to Chonody, is that they react to acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus. McKenney, whose favorite pans are the Nordic Ware Naturals Baker's Half Sheet (our Best Overall Baking Sheet), prevents this by lining her baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking mats, which prevent discoloration in the pan.


By coating we mean whether or not your baking sheet is nonstick. Nonstick baking sheets are great for people who want supremely easy cleanup. During testing, we found this to be true. However, if you simply put a piece of parchment paper over your baking sheet, you’ll get very similar anti-sticking results on other baking sheets. 

One downside to nonstick cookware in general is that it isn’t able to handle high heat. Both Kou and Chonody tell us that nonstick baking sheets should not be put in ovens that are 500 degrees or higher. “The finish will start degrading and lead to peeling and flaking,” says Chonody. Be sure to read your instruction manual to confirm the temperatures that your nonstick baking sheet can handle.


Believe it or not, the color of your baking sheet can have an effect on your baking. You probably know that wearing darker colors on a hot day makes you warmer, and it turns out that the same rule applies to baking sheets. “Light-colored [baking sheets] will reflect heat, while a darker pan will absorb the heat,” says Kou. Because darker pans absorb heat, they also hold on to heat longer. This longer held heat can result in crispier roasted veggies or baked goods with browned bottoms. For this reason, both McKenney and Becerra use lighter-colored pans when baking.

Kou tells us that she owns both dark and light colored pans and recommends choosing which to use based on what you’re cooking as well as your personal preferences. “I actually prefer to bake on darker colored pans, because I want [the cookies] to be lightly brown and have that crispy edge. If you're baking white sugar cookies and don't want the browned color, then I would recommend using a light colored sheet,” she says. “For example, I would make focaccia bread on a light colored pan, because I don't want the edges to get hard and crisp, since that bread is meant to be more light and fluffy.” She also recommends not using darker colored pans for cakes, as this could result in a deep and/or thick crust around the edges. 

The best baking sheets, a tester holding a baked cookie to show how the bottom cooked

Bridget Degnan

More Baking Sheets to Consider

GreenPan Craft Sheet Pan: If you don’t use your baking sheet a lot, or use it for just desserts, this quarter-size option from GreenPan is a good option. It performed just as well as its larger counterparts with both of our recipes, with the exception of some sticking with the potatoes.

Nordic Ware Naturals Baker’s Big Sheet Baking Pan: People with families or those who like making big batches of dinner and dessert will like this extra-large baking sheet. We were able to fit the most cookies on this pan (24 total) out of all the other baking sheets we tested.

Questions You Might Ask

What is the difference between a baking sheet, sheet pan, and cookie sheet?

Baking sheets and sheet pans are the same thing, but cookie sheets are a little bit different. “Baking sheets have rolled edges while cookie sheets are flat with one side that has a lip to it,” says Kou. “Cookie sheets don't have edges, which allows the heat to circulate freely around to bake the cookies evenly around the edges.” This lip is primarily there for easier gripping, according to Chonody. 

You can still bake cookies on a baking sheet, but you shouldn’t bake other recipes on a cookie sheet. The reason for this is because without the rolled edges present on baking sheets, food liquids of any kind, whether from a sweet or savory recipe, could leak out of the sides of the pan and get into your oven, causing a mess.

Why do baking sheets warp in the oven?

Warping generally happens when a piece of cookware is exposed to a sudden temperature change. Your baking sheets are susceptible to warping when your baking sheets are either room temperature or are housing cooler food that needs to be heated up. There could also be uneven heat distribution between the bottom of your pan and its rimmed edges. All of this could result in the warping of your pan. Warping isn’t totally a bad thing though, so long as the baking sheet gets back to its original shape once it's cooled down. If it doesn’t, that’s a different story. 

To lessen the likelihood of your baking pan warping, Chonody recommends getting a baking sheet that is made of both stainless steel and aluminum. She tells us that the strength and durability of these two materials prevent warping. According to Becerra, another way to prevent warping is to let the sheets cool down completely before washing. Putting a hot baking sheet in cold water could cause warping that is irreversible.

How do I keep my baking sheets clean over time?

Anyone who has ever owned a baking sheet knows that even if you wash your baking sheet with soap and water thoroughly after every use, it can still have set-in grease stains or charred areas that feel impossible to get out. We discovered through some research and testing that you can get those stubborn baking sheet stains out with a little extra elbow grease and a few household ingredients.

First, sprinkle baking soda liberally over the stains. Pour hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and spray that over the areas covered in baking soda. Repeat the previous two steps again and let that mixture sit for four hours or up to overnight. Use a sponge to remove the mixture, and if the stains are still present, scrub them away. If the stains are still there after that step, use a steel wool pad to scrub whatever is left away. Keep in mind this method is not compatible with nonstick pans. As always, read your instruction manual before you proceed with any type of cleaning method.

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Rachel Center, a product reviews home writer for Real Simple. We researched the best baking sheets and tested 23 of the most popular in our Lab, evaluating them on durability, performance, ease of cleaning, and value. She also sought the advice of Christina Chonody, the Culinary Marketing Director at Hestan Culinary; Alicia Becerra, a winner of Food Network’s Cake Wars; Wendy Kou, author of Colossal Cookies; and Sally McKenney, author of Sally’s Baking Addiction.

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