Here’s Why You Should Put a Coffee Maker by Your Bedside This Sleep Awareness Week—and Which Ones to Try

Meet your new snooze button.

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Coffeemakers By Bedside Tout

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About a year ago, I stumbled across a tweet that changed my life, no exaggeration. Paraphrasing, the tweet suggested that putting a coffee maker on your bedside table makes you feel like you are in an opulent suite on the Amalfi Coast. Sign me up.

Ahead of Sleep Awareness Week—a campaign hosted by the National Sleep Foundation to emphasize the health and wellness benefits of a proper night’s rest—the team at Real Simple is sharing our go-to sleep hacks, products, and more that make each snooze better than the last. And this is mine. The single-serve coffee maker on my bedside table makes me more excited to wake up, serves as my snooze button (I hit the start button as a snooze then fully rise when it’s finished), and functions as a buffer-worthy ritual that gives me some quiet time in bed before I get up and face the day. Since I’m terrible at meditation, this one simple habit has allowed me similar benefits in slowing down, feeling connected, and sitting with my thoughts for a moment (approximately 8 ounces’ worth) before jumping into work—and it simply sparks joy every single morning.

Since you’re serving coffee for one or two, you don’t need a massive drip carafe, and you won’t want a machine that takes up precious real estate on your nightstand. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up five single-serve coffee machines from Amazon that allow you to kickstart the habit, whether you choose to save, splurge, supplement a primary machine, or use this as your main source of caffeine.

5 Single-Serve Coffee Makers From Amazon to Keep on Your Bedside Table

Keurig K-Café SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker


Keurig K-Café Smart Single-Serving Coffee Machine

While I’ve been a fan of Nespresso for so long, Keurig recently launched a smart coffee, latte, and espresso maker with bang-for-your-buck capabilities like remote brewing (with Alexa and Google Home compatibility), hot and cold milk frothing, and more. The appliance can make all your favorite coffee drinks, with the same one-touch commands we know and love from the Keurig line. Plus, you can customize the temperature, strength, and more, which is more than you get from most machines at this price point. Keurig—I’m impressed! Act now while it’s on sale.

To buy: $200 (was $250);

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi


Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Since beginning this habit, I’ve used my Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi. The coffee and crema tastes luxurious and high-quality, while the machine itself is easy to use, has a small footprint, and (speaking from experience) even fits in my suitcase to take with me on frequent moves. The ability to auto-order my coffee pods, and vary my flavors and quantity (espresso or coffee today?), keeps me loyal and appreciative of the brand.

To buy: $159 (was $179);

Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker


Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker

You may not want to spend that much on a coffee machine if you won’t use this one as your primary. Or, if you rely on caffeine to function before you can think about acting like a human being, you might simply prefer a coffee maker without the bells and whistles. For a pick under $50, opt for the popular and reliable Chefman Single Serve Coffee Maker, compatible with other pods. This single cup brews a drip coffee from 6 to 14 ounces.

To buy: $44 (was $50);

wirsh Single Serve Coffee Maker


Wirsh Single Serve Coffee Maker with Programmable Timer

Nowadays, plenty of coffee makers have built-in timers, so you can wake up to a fresh cup without even needing to lift a finger. Why not replace your alarm clock while you’re at it? There’s little better than waking up to the decadent aroma of the blend you’re looking forward to, and this small drip coffee maker will do just that without taking up much space. Simply prep the machine at night before going to bed. As a bonus, the bundle also includes a reusable filter and travel mug. Act now and get all three for 36 percent off.

To buy: $32 (was $50);

SPINN Espresso & Coffee Machine


Spinn Espresso & Coffee Smart WiFi Automatic Coffee Maker

Feeling really fancy? I don’t blame you for wanting to spend big for quality. My few splurges tend to be on purchases that significantly elevate a daily ritual, of which your daily-use coffee maker definitely counts. This swanky whole-bean compatible machine uses unique centrifugal brewing to “unlock intricate coffee flavor” (in layman’s terms: café-quality brews every time) and you can order cold brew, espresso, lattes, cappuccino, and more from your phone. It’s even water supply line compatible, so you’ll never need to fill a water tank again. It’s easier than the Starbucks app, and it’s now 25 percent off with a coupon.

To buy: $750 with coupon (was $999);

Bonus Bedside Machine

Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit


Cuzen Matcha Maker

Whoa—plot twist! Not a coffee person, but still love the idea of a slowed-down morning with a beverage while you’re still tucked in? The Cuzen Matcha Maker has a minimal footprint and a striking, almost structural look—and it will make you matcha from organic Japanese tea leaves at the touch of a button. As someone who has recently started getting jittery from caffeine (one cup is my limit), the l-theanine present in the matcha soothes my nervous system while still waking me up, making it a helpful tool in my wellness practice. Plus, this machine has won multiple design awards, and you’ll get plenty of compliments from those who see it on your nightstand. 

To buy: $299;

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