The first day of the rest of your life is exciting, so shouldn't your wedding nails match that tone? 

Wedding Nails Nail Design Ideas
Credit: Bohdan Bobak / EyeEm/Getty Images

You plan your wedding down to every little detail—every petal and hair in a specific place—so shouldn't your wedding nails be granted the same attention to detail? Tradition has seemed to dictate a simply-manicured bride in a pale shade, but evolving nail trends and techniques popularized delicate designs, deliberate shapes, and a re-appreciation for how much a certain manicure can seal an entire look. Nail artists are highlighting negative space and embracing new materials, so you may as well start taking advantage of the aesthetic possibilities for your wedding nails.

If you're looking to walk down the aisle showing off your hands as proudly as your bouquet, here are subtle designs that will add just the right amount of detail to your wedding nails.

Experimental Accents and Textures

Floral Pop

Minimalist and Geometric

A Hint of Glitter

Wavy and Swirly