"I was thrilled to get a chance to finally beat trichotillomania once and for all."

By Anneke Knot
Updated August 01, 2018

Meghan Davis, a freelance writer living in New York City, has struggled with trichotillomania, an anxiety-induced hair-pulling disorder, since she was 12 years old.

As a result, Meghan began to realize that her hair pulling was more than just a nervous tick. Instead, the constant tugging was causing her hair to fall out, forcing Megan to keep her hair short.

The Real Simple team heard Meghan's story and decided it was time to make a change. Teaming up with Kathy Benghanem and Gemini 14 Salon in New York City, the Real Simple team made Meghan an appointment to receive brand new Great Lengths hair extensions to transform her short bob into a longer, fuller style. The transformation is one for the books, and Meghan's reaction says it all. Pass the tissues, please.

Read more about Meghan's story, told in her own words, below:

"Around the age of 12, I developed a nervous habit of twisting my hair. Soon after, that twist turned into a pull, and I haven’t stopped since. It wasn’t until a couple of years later when a friend pointed out the difference of the texture and length in the back of my head that I noticed the initial damage. After the pulling increased, and more hair was lost, I eventually visited a doctor and was diagnosed with trichotillomania, a control disorder that leads to pulling out one’s hair. Unfortunately, once hair pulling begins, it’s very difficult to break the habit—for me, the condition has continued to get worse over time, especially during stressful situations.

Everyone wants to fix the physical, but the bigger problem is the fact that I pull. If I don’t stop pulling my hair, it’s just going to keep happening. To help me overcome this lifelong struggle with trichotillomania, Real Simple graciously arranged for me to get hair extensions from Kathy Benghanem, owner of Gemini 14 in New York City. Benghanem, who specializes in strand-by-strand keratin-bond hair extensions, has seen how extensions can help clients overcome hair pulling and regrow their original hair—I was thrilled to get a chance to finally beat this once and for all."