This Tarte eyelash curler made my non-curled eyes pop out of my head.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated April 26, 2018
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a young woman using an eyelash curler
Credit: SPL IMAGES/Getty Images

Eyelash curlers have never really interested me. They look like medieval torture devices, and I've heard horror stories of women sneezing with a curler clamped on, pulling out all of their eyelashes. This may be an urban legend–I've never fact checked such tales–but I never wanted an eyelash curler in the first place.

Well, I THOUGHT I didn't want an eyelash curler, but a scroll through Sephora's "new" page in mascara just now made my non-curled eyes do a double take. You would think that my recent trip to Japan and deep dive into their beauty products would have made me a Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($14.88; Amazon) convert, but no. It took Tarte Cosmetic's eyelash curler shaped like two mermaid tails to change my mind.

Tarte actually has a whole line of limited-edition, mermaid-themed cosmetics in the Be a Mermaid & Make Waves collection, which includes items like a sweet-smelling, 14-shade eyeshadow palette and a mascara encased in a green, shimmery tube ($23; Sephora). The eyelash curler is the real showstopper, though, with mermaid-tail handles in a green-to-purple, metallic gradient.

Tarte is selling the curler as part of a set with a mini mascara ($23; Sephora), and the duo are cuter than Ariel and Sebastian to me.

Even if I end up not liking the effects of the eyelash curler (no, I have never even tried one), I will cherish this as a desk accessory or replace my stress-relief ball by squeezing this open and shut to my heart's content.