It feels like a sherpa blanket, but still keeps me cool and comfortable.

By Summer Cartwright
Updated February 28, 2020
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Few things in life should be taken as seriously as sleep. Thus, few clothing items should be as valued as pajamas. It is with this belief that I come to you with a beautiful discovery: the Softies Snuggle Lounger.

I discovered this comfy creation while sleeping over at my friend’s house. She graciously presented the sleep dress as a pajama option for me that night, and while nightgowns aren’t necessarily my go-to—they’ve got a bit of a grandma reputation—this is not your grandmother’s nightgown. Because it felt like how a unicorn’s fur must feel, I grabbed it and put it on with a smile (and perhaps a tear or two) on my face.

My sleep that night was magical, to put it mildly. I had experienced sleeping nirvana. The Softies hoodie dress ($95, didn’t make me too hot, a worry I have with anything polyester. My hunch is that, because it’s a dress, there’s more air circulation than the typical top-and-bottom set of PJs, so I kept cool and comfortable.

The only option was to get myself one of these mystical loungers (in a different color than my friend’s, of course, so good thing there are seven options). Spending $95 on sleepwear isn’t something I often do—in fact, I almost never spend that much on clothes—but this purchase was different. I decided that since a third of my life will be spent in bed, I might as well invest in something to wear in it.

The lounger is practically begging to be a part of your Netflix binges: There’s a large kangaroo pocket front and center, which has all of the potential in the world to house snacks, remotes, chargers, and perhaps tiny houses. And because it cuts just above the knee, you don’t feel wrapped up like a mummy. It’s airy, yet warm; toasty, yet cooling. With this thing, you’ll be able to sit on the couch, cocooned in comfort, for hours.

If you don’t trust me, trust American treasure Oprah Winfrey. She put this lounger on her Favorite Things list in 2018. If you don’t trust Oprah, I don’t know what to tell you.

The sleep dress revolutionizes my nighttime routine. It’s a robe, outfit, and pajama set all in one. Basically, from the time I set foot in the door after work to the time I change in the morning, I wear this lounger. Having a pocket to keep my phone in while I go from one room to the other makes all of the difference. I can play music or listen to podcasts without having to put my phone on the sink and risk getting it wet. I can also store the occasional brush or book.

Wearing the lounger to bed makes going to sleep so much better (and softer). Get one for yourself at Amazon.

Ultra Soft Hooded Snuggle Lounger with Kangaroo Pocket

To buy: $95,