Shoppers Report Seeing 'Brighter, Firmer' Skin in Weeks With This $25 Serum

 “This serum is true to its name—restoring.”
By Lauren Rearick
May 19, 2021
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With guidance on face masks continuing to change, faces are slowly returning to the spotlight. The last year of constant mask-wearing hasn't been friendly to everyone's skin-which is a small price to pay, in the grand scheme of things-and for those eager to make it up to their faces, they should know about one serum in particular.

Stressing over dull skin, signs of aging, and discoloration is a thing of the past, at least according to users of Versed Skincare's Auto-Save Advanced Restoring Serum. Auto-Save helps firm up skin, gives you a little extra glow, and minimizes past skin damage. Sounds like a dream, right? According to shoppers, Auto-Save is very much a "hero" that produces "brighter, firmer skin."


To buy: $25;

Boasting a customer rating of 4.6 stars as of this writing, Auto-Save has been called "lovely" and "amazing" by customers, with one writing, "This serum is true to its name-restoring. My skin looks firmer and more even after just a few weeks. Little fine lines are little and finer! It feels light on the skin but at the same time feels rich and soft. I use it morning and evening and I absolutely love it!"

With an ingredient list that includes microalgae, antioxidants like ferulic acid and phloretin, and stabilized vitamin C, first-time users should expect similar results with Auto-Save. Vitamin C is dermatologist-approved for treating many common skin conditions, including acne and fine lines. Plus with time, vitamin C is proven effective in gradually reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Versed specifically recommends the product for users ages 35 to 65, and those with "senior skin" have shared positive results. "Light, smooth, but really packs a punch (in the best way possible). I loved using Auto-Save to address my aging skin. It helped even out red spots and brightened me up a lot," a customer shared. 

One reviewer noted that additional changes in their skin came with time. "This is by far, one of the most elegant Vit-C formulas that I have tried…  Long-term results are a definite pay-off; I have noticed a brighter, more youthful complexion. A go-to in my morning routine and one to add to my list of skincare favs."

Auto-Save is something you can easily integrate into an already established skincare routine, so pick up your serum from Versed now.