This $13 Moisturizer Is a Dermatologist Go-To—and Makes Shoppers Look Decades Younger

Shoppers from 30 to 60 love it.

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Vanicream Moisturizing Cream with Pump White Fragrance Free

Vanicream might not have the fame that CeraVe has garnered through social media, but its line of cleansers and moisturizers have saved my sensitive skin more than once. Mysterious bumps and reactions to products I've used for months are par for the course, and every single time, my dermatologist directs me to Vanicream to solve the problem. Turns out, 471 shoppers and I have that in common.

So it goes for Vanicream's Moisturizing Cream, a drugstore savior that's one of Amazon's best-selling face moisturizers. It wins praise from skin professionals and over 18,000 Amazon reviewers for its effect on rashes, wrinkles, eczema, and stubbornly dry skin, and the raves span a lifetime: Shoppers from 30-year-olds to those in their 60s remark on the moisturizing cream's comforting impact.

"I apply every morning, and can't believe the difference in my skin. My hands are less wrinkled and the age spots (I had very light ones) are less noticeable," writes one person of the results they saw in a few weeks. "My most surprising effect is that my chest would wrinkle if I bent over. No more! My elbows, which were always dry to the point of pain, no longer hurt. Even my husband tried it for itchy dry skin on his legs, and saw relief after one application."

Vanicream Moisturizing Cream with Pump White Fragrance Free

To buy: $13 (was $16);

The formula bests even expensive potions for a 68-year-old who says they no longer have fine lines thanks to it, and at 63, another person writes that it stopped the itchiness they had from dry skin, aging, and allergies—eliminating crepiness and leaving their skin looking and feeling 20 years younger. One person taking care of seniors says it's their go-to for helping people with sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots; on the other end of the spectrum, parents love the non-greasy lotion for their toddlers, young children, and themselves, too.

"This winter I was suffering from extremely dry skin from pregnancy, coupled with the cold air and excessive hand washing that comes with having to pee every 30 minutes," one reviewer says. "This lotion literally healed my dry, cracked and raised wind-burned hands in two applications. The best part? This is the only lotion my 5-year-old will put on because it doesn't burn."

They continue: "We also sat it by our sink when we had visitors coming to see the new baby. After they washed their hands they applied the lotion, and everyone raved about how great it really is! Several requested the link to purchase." Those impressive opinions stem from the multitasker's ultra-gentle formula, which features a pared-down list of petrolatum and fatty alcohol (and no parabens, formaldehyde-releasers, or fragrance).

People dealing with finicky conditions like seborrheic and perioral dermatitis particularly love the cream, dubbing it the first one in their life they can put on their face. One person with dry, flaky skin says that after trying 20 different kinds of lotions from every store they could think of, the Vanicream is the only one that doesn't burn. Another fan who's had eczema for over 20 years says the formula is the gentlest, longest-lasting moisturizer they've ever tried, so good that they've gone through 20 bottles of the stuff.

"I've spent probably several thousand dollars in my 31 years of life on special fragrance-free, sensitive skin hand creams, petroleum jellies, prescription creams and steroids, [and] cotton gloves for wearing at night, and nothing has ever helped until my doc recommended this," writes a reviewer of the face and body moisturizer. "This tub of magical unicorn elixir made a huge difference in literally just one night, and now I use it every night without fail. I think this is my first winter in 15 years that I haven't had a single bleeding crack on my knuckles."

Intrigued? Have the discounted moisturizer delivered to your door, and wave goodbye to wrinkles and angry skin with supple hands.

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