You can easily recreate this DIY face mask with ingredients you already have in your kitchen cabinets, like turmeric.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated April 17, 2018
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DIY face mask with turmeric
Credit: Michelle Arnold / EyeEm/Getty Images

The things celebrities do to maintain their looks aren't always the most accessible for us regular people, so it's a nice surprise when an A-lister offers up a beauty tip that even we can adopt.

And who better to take skincare tips from than one of the top-earning models in the world? In an interview with Glamour UK, British model and entrepreneur Jourdan Dunn divulged an integral part of her skin-care routine, and the best part is that it's easy to DIY using ingredients you probably already have.

Twice a week, Dunn explained, "I'll mix up yogurt, honey and a few teaspoons of turmeric—it's my favorite spice as it's anti-inflammatory and great for acne, dull skin and tired eyes."

Because of the spice's vibrant color, the 27-year-old warns one caveat with her homemade turmeric mask, though: "Do it on a night in and double cleanse afterwards, as it can stain!"

We're all about DIY face masks, especially if they're affordable and turn us into super models overnight (that's how it works, right?). One turmeric and honey yogurt with a side of micellar water to go, please!

In addition to using the turmeric mix twice a week, Dunn let her Instagram followers in on another skin-care tip she swears by. Sharing a photo to reveal she's the new Smart Water UK Ambassador, the model wrote, "Drinking plenty of water is my number one health and beauty tip."

Dunn actually has a pattern of being relatable in the beauty area. She's been a face of drugstore-staple Maybelline since 2014, and to get glammed up for 2016's Met Gala, Dunn used mostly Maybelline products–including the brand's Master Prime primer ($9.49 at Walgreens) and Fit Me! Foundation ($8.29 at Walgreens).