This De-Puffing Eye Balm Reduces Bags and Circles So Well, Shoppers Say Nothing Else Compares

"I have never felt more confident and beautiful in my skin."


To say that the past year has been a rollercoaster is putting it lightly, and if it seems like the year's done a number on your sleep, you aren't alone. When things feel completely out of control, skin care offers a soothing few minutes of self-care to reset and prepare for doing your best tomorrow—and if you'd rather not look as fatigued as you may feel, one eye serum is almost as good as eight more hours of rest.

Tula Skincare's Instant De-Puff Eye Renewal Serum is one of those smart eye products that comes with two rejuvenating methods: The first via its refreshingly cool metal applicator, and the second from its thoughtful, anti-aging formula. The ingredient list is stacked with a potent mix of skin helpers that puts the eye creams of yesteryear to shame, including probiotics and prebiotics to help your skin barrier function at the best of its abilities, sea algae extract to diminish wrinkles, and pink silk tree extract to knock down puffiness and dark circles.

The hard-working additions continue from there. There's also turmeric root extract (an anti-inflammatory all-star), oat bran extract, antioxidant-heavy blueberry fruit extract, and chicory root extract, along with peptides and lactic acid to make lines fade away. Thanks to that lineup and its lightweight feel, the Eye Renewal Serum's won hundreds of happy reviews from shoppers with steep skincare needs—including tired, pregnant mothers of two and flight attendants with hectic sleep schedules.


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"I have tried so many products for my puffy eyes, it's pathetic," writes one such person of the serum. "I was hesitant to buy it because of the price, but I'm so happy I did! It's the only product that helps my puffy eyes." Another person says that it helped their dark circles disappear, and a 55 year old claims that since finding Tula's skincare, they're never going to stray. "I have never felt more confident and beautiful in my skin," finishes the fan.

One more satisfied customer dealing with the tough trio of puffy under-eyes, wrinkles, and sensitive eyes saw results, too—and without irritation. "This product doesn't cause burning or stinging like I would usually encounter from the many other eye serums I've used in the past," they write. "I highly recommend it!" Others write that it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles within the first month of use (if not weeks, which a handful of people witnessed).

Speaking further to the timeline, multiple reviewers write that the serum makes an immediate difference in bags, thanks to the cool metal tip—it's like the old trick of keeping a spoon in the freezer to calm down bags—while the serum provides long-lasting benefits. Case in point: "Noticeably improved my dark circles after a couple weeks," a shopper says. "It's done wonders for my under-eyes, and my husband has even started using it."

A last shopper writes: "I was hesitant to purchase because I wasn't so sure that it would really make a difference. Well...I was wrong. This works within a few minutes, and really helps with the dark, puffy bags under my eyes. I put it on in the morning, and when I get in my car to leave for work, I'm shocked to see how great my eyes look when I take a look in the mirror. I definitely recommend it."

Head to Tula's website to try it for yourself.

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