Shoppers Say This $4 Cream Makes Their Skin Look 10 Years Younger in 3 Days

Amazon’s best-selling body butter even leaves “lizard skin” smooth.

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Tree Hut 24 Hour Intense Hydrating Shea Body Butter

Everyone lives in a different skin, so beauty recommendations are some of the most personal ones out there. Great suggestions can come from trusted friends of 20 years, a sales associate who knows their stuff, or, thanks to Amazon, 15,000 strangers who all came to the same conclusion on a buy that can't be beat.

Tree Hut's 24-Hour Intense Hydrating Shea Body Butter fits neatly into the last category, with over 15,000 Amazon five-star ratings to its name and the title of Amazon's top-selling body butter. There are over 10,000 contenders in the category, among them $44 lotions and $36 argan oil-infused butters—yet for your money, shoppers swear that Tree Hut's normally $9, currently $4 formula is the best.

More than 80 percent of shoppers who tried the lotion gave it five stars, commenting that it's "heaven on earth" and a "miracle product" that heals dry, sensitive skin. "I stopped wearing shorts last summer because of the condition of my legs," one 53-year-old shopper writes of their dry, crepey skin. "I massage this into my skin in the morning, and [my] lizard skin looks fantastic. Apply a little more in the evening, and legs look great for days."

Tree Hut 24 Hour Intense Hydrating Shea Body Butter

To buy: $4;

Even those in their 70s say it makes a huge difference. Where some moisturizers can sit on top of your skin, the Tree Hut soaks in to leave skin soft, hydrated, and less wrinkled from age. After one use, a shopper says they saw a difference in their skin; after three days, their skin looked 10 years younger: "I have extremely dry skin on my legs that make them usually look scaly like a lizard. NOT ANYMORE."

The brand's organic formula relies on shea butter, glycerin, cocoa seed butter, jojoba oil, honey, and sweet almond oil, making for a luxuriously whipped concoction that delivers heavy-duty hydration without the greasy feeling. And since it's free of hormone disruptors like parabens, phthalates, and carcinogenic formaldehyde-releasers, shoppers both pregnant and not can feel comfortable reaching for it.

One person facing down the twin challenges of dry skin and pregnancy writes that their skin has "never been softer" since thickly laying on the cream. Multiple other shoppers second the opinion, writing that the formula is "magical" for making their pregnancy as smooth as possible (if you'll excuse the pun). On top of keeping their skin supple, it helped reduce the appearance of their stretch marks "better than any other maternity cream."

Thanks to the benefits, one shopper is going on 11 years with the cream and will always have it on hand. And that's literal in the case of the shopper who works with preschoolers and washes their hands day in and day out: It's "the first product I've tried that really moisturizes my hands, and they are starting to look more youthful again."

"Five stars are not enough. I have several scents of their body butters and am going to buy more as soon as I'm done writing this review," one last shopper writes. "Grab all you can get, and thank me later." At $4, that's sound advice.

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