The difference between getting a smooth shave and not (ingrowns, ouch) is the razor you're wielding. From a fuzz-free face to a clean bikini line, any job is less of a pain with our editors' favorite hair removers.

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schick quattro you disposable razor
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturers

1 Best Disposable Razor: Schick Quattro You

With four blades specifically designed for a nick-free shave, this bargain pick doesn’t skimp on quality. We loved its slim, violet-scented handle.

TO BUY: $11 for 4;

venus comfort glide with olay razor
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturers

2 Best Two-In-One Razor: Venus ComfortGlide with Olay​​​​​​​

No shaving cream? No problem. This razor has two moisture bars sandwiching its blades that release body butter as you shave for supersoft skin.

TO BUY: $10;

sephora collection level setter razors
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturers

3 Best Face Razor: Sephora Collection Level Setter Razors

Hold clean, dry skin taut and skim the razor over peach fuzz on cheeks, upper lip, and chin. To avoid bumps, go over each area only once.

TO BUY: $8 for 3;

clio palm perfect electric shavor portable
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturers

4 Best Portable Razor: Clio PalmPerfect Electric Shaver

Ideal for grooming legs, bikini line, and underarms, this battery-operated trimmer can be used on wet or dry skin, letting you buzz on the go.

TO BUY: $9;

oui rose gold safety razor splurge
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturers

5 Best Razor if You Can Splurge: Oui Rose Gold Safety Razor

With a weighted handle for balance and a single stainless-steel blade that provides the closest shave we’ve ever felt, you’ll emerge from the shower feeling like a queen.

TO BUY: $75;

billie the starter kit razor subscription
Credit: Courtesy of Manufacturers

6 Best Subscription Service for Razors: Billie The Starter Kit

Not only do these razors look chic displayed in your shower, but the company was created for women in the hope of shifting the male-dominated shaving industry (no pink tax here!). Choose a magnetic handle in coral, blush, periwinkle, or blue; you’ll get two cartridge blades that pop in. The company offers autodelivery, so you’ll never run out of replacement blades.

TO BUY: $9;