Pumpkin, yams, and red wine play a starring role at Thanksgiving dinner—and also in these skin-perfecting beauty products.

By Lindsay Tigar
Updated November 15, 2019
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If you look forward to the biggest feast of the year, you know about the post-Thanksgiving blues. All the cooking is finished, the dishes are cleaned, and the leftovers are nearly gone. Now, you have to do another lap around the sun before you indulge in your favorite flavors of fall.

Or, do you?

No matter the season, you can reap the benefits of pumpkin, cranberry, and other Thanksgiving mainstays by putting them…on your face. Though you may not receive nutritional kickbacks, your pores will thank you for the extra boost of antioxidants and vitamins in these beauty products.

Here's a guide to the skin-enhancing perks we can find in serums, masks, and moisturizer featuring the star ingredients of Turkey Day.

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1 Pumpkin

As the all-star, multi-purpose squash plant of fall, you can’t miss pumpkins. After all, whether you carve a happy smile in them or heat ‘em up to make a pie, these orange guys go from decor to table. And with a high vitamin C content, they can give our pores a radiant, glowing complexion. Some studies show they also help our bodies make collagen, leaving skin healthy, tough, and supple. 

Priori Skincare TTC Natural Enzyme Peel & Masque

Doubling as both a peel and a mask, you’ll be amazed by how soft your face is after this treatment from Priori. Packed with pumpkin extract that offers both vitamin C and A, your skin will feel smoother to the touch, less inflamed and more vibrant. Other enzymes also fight against dead cells, blackheads, and acne, so you can worry less about breakouts before the annual family photo. 

To buy: $75; amazon.com

Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin Puree

If you prefer natural beauty products, consider this clay mud mask. It contains organic pumpkin puree, as well as active yogurt cultures, which work to deep clean and shrink your pores. It’s a thick consistency with a strong smell, but it seeps into your skin easily with a whipped texture. You probably shouldn’t wear it to the dinner table if you want to avoid scaring grandma, but it’s a great way to detox with the fam before bedtime.

To buy: $25; dermstore.com

Sorella Apothecary Papaya + Pumpkin Mask

Part tropical, part foliage, pumpkin and papaya work in harmony in this mask. For those who suffer from rosacea and tend to have more outbreaks during the colder months, this product will both hydrate and cleanse your skin, leaving it healthier looking after 20 minutes. 

To buy: $50; sorellaapothecary.com

2 Cranberry

Though people are either strongly pro or con cranberry sauce, you can’t argue with the fruit's superfood status. Cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that are warriors for healthy skin. And best of all? If you don’t like the taste, you can apply it topically via skincare products. 

100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint in Cranberry

For a little extra pop of color for your Thanksgiving look, consider applying some of this cranberry-forward cheek and lip tint. In addition to the purifying elements of the red fruit, it’s also packed with shea and cocoa butter, giving a much-needed moisture boost in chilly temperatures.

To buy: $27; dermstore.com

3 Cinnamon

Do you have a sweet tooth? And also struggle with sensitive skin that’s easily irritated? Cinnamon may be your must-have ingredient this holiday season. Not only is it ideal atop lattes and pies, but with anti-inflammatory properties, it can also calm your pores.

BSB Balancing Act Mask

Luxe, yet gentle, this mask is packed with lichen, honey, aloe and of course, cinnamon. With this smart formula, your pores will be left detoxed and cleansed, helping you to control oil and breakouts throughout the most wonderful—and stressful—season of all.

To buy: $56; amazon.com

4 Red Wine

You probably don’t need to be convinced to have a glass of red wine on a cold day. Even better, red wine contains resveratrol, which offers anti-aging properties and protects skin from free radicals.

100 Percent Pure Luminous Primer

Not only is this primer vegan and silicone-free, but it has a lush special ingredient: the antioxidant resveratrol. Because it’s also hydrating, it'll keep your skin bright before you apply makeup for holiday parties and celebrations.

To buy: $39; amazon.com

5 Figs

As one of the more troublesome skin conditions, eczema often intensifies in the winter. In addition to any treatments your derm recommends, consider the calming properties of figs in your beauty products. They’re not only a sweet addition to the dessert table but can help reduce itchiness or redness, too.

Hanhoo Watermelon Illuminator Daily Facial Oil

You not only get the perks of figs in this facial oil, but also a summer superstar: watermelon. This product smells amazing, goes on smoothly, and leaves your skin feeling bright, fresh, and hydrated. As a bonus? You don’t have to worry about parabens or sulfates, since it’s an all-natural warrior.

To buy: $16; amazon.com

6 Carrots, Yams, and Sweet Potatoes

Hearty, satisfying, and delicious, carrots always have a place on a winter menu. And when you eat these orange veggies, you’ll benefit from vitamin C, which gives your immune system an extra hand. It does the same for your skin, allowing it to recover faster following a breakout or when you have unwanted inflammation. Of the same hue, yams and sweet potatoes also give your body vitamin A, a natural anti-aging ingredient. 

Eminence Organics Yam and Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

This holiday season, you want to shine brighter than all the rest. To the rescue is this silky peel from Eminence. Packed with pumpkin and yam, you’ll be left with a refined complexion and clean pores. Thanks to the pulp purees from these natural ingredients, your skin benefits from vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, phyto-collagen hydrates, and more. 

To buy: $46; dermstore.com

Aethera Everyday Botanical Brightening Concentrate

All season long, apply a bit of this concentrate for plump, vibrant skin. Lightweight, yet effective, you’ll find carrot seed and sweet potato extract, as well as CBD. A touch of guava, turmeric, papaya, and cherry help reveal an even tone too. 

To buy: $45; amazon.com

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