I'm Honestly Amazed at How Quickly This Serum Improved My Skin

I noticed an improvement overnight.

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As a beauty writer with sensitive skin, I tested countless products that promised to improve my skin without added irritation or unwanted side effects. I've written about my favorites for cleansing, makeup removal, and fine lines, but after trying Tatcha's Indigo Overnight Repair Serum, I discovered a skincare essential I can't imagine my routine without.

Backed by celebs including Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore, Tatcha uses "Japanese beauty secrets" in its line of skincare items that include a soothing hand cream and anti-aging concealer. Tatcha's latest launch, Indigo Overnight Repair Serum, was formulated with beneficial ingredients like Japanese Indigo, skin-soothing ceramides, and Mondo Grass Root to hydrate the driest of skin, improving our skin's overall health and appearance.Intended to be applied nightly, this serum was created to work while you sleep.


To buy: $88; tatcha.com.

Despite my hesitancy in admitting it, my skin has changed—and it didn't take very long. My early 30s manifested under-eye circles, an increase in acne, occasional redness, and some minor fine lines. I was long content to try a mix of products, but after a single night's use of Tatcha's Repair Serum, I knew I'd landed on a true game-changer.

The morning after my first application, I awoke to skin that looked noticeably healthier and less red. My complexion looked more even, and I especially liked that my sensitive skin was unbothered by the addition of something new. For nearly a month, I continued to apply the serum nightly. Sure enough, my once-dry skin looks more hydrated, the redness that once adorned my cheeks has drastically reduced, and my skin looks fresh, healthy, and smooth.

Reviewers on Sephora have shared stories of similar serum success. "I have only used this cream a few days and I can already tell the difference in my complexion. This is incredibly soothing, melts right into my face, and makes my skin feel rejuvenated almost immediately," one shopper wrote. Others reported decreased acne marks, softer skin, and reduced redness. "This cream is literally magical," another wrote.

Experience the magic for yourself and reduce skin redness, signs of aging, and irritation by picking up your own jar of Tatcha's Overnight Repair Serum.

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