How to mend torn ear lobes and keep heavy earrings from doing further damage.

By Andra Chantim
Updated October 08, 2013
Peter Oumanski

“The piercings in my ears have really stretched out.”

Aileen Wong, via e-mail

The fix: Use Lobe Wonder patches ($9 for 60,, small, clear disks that adhere to the backs of the lobes and lend extra support to earrings, even heavy danglers, so you don’t cause further damage. (Think of them as reinforcement stickers.) There are other, long-term solutions, but they’re expensive. Outpatient cosmetic surgery to repair lobes costs from $600 to $1,000. “Then you’ll need to wait six months to repierce your ears,” says Loretta Ciraldo, a cosmetic dermatologist in Miami. Or ask a dermatologist to plump the areas around the piercings by injecting them with filler, but the process needs to be redone every 12 to 18 months at a cost of $400 to $600 per session. Now, that’s what we call a stretch.