There really is a right way—and a wrong way. 

By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Craig Cutler

This article originally appeared on MIMI

Guys, we have breaking news. Apparently we've all been moisturizing our faces wrong. Think that you can just slap it on in circular motions and be on your way? We did too, but it turns out that's not how you reap the maximum benefits of whatever gorgeous treat you indulging your face in. Curious? We thought so... so check it out below.



AND here's a play by play:

1. Dispense a quarter sized amount of product into your palm.

2. Apply using your fingertips.

3. Start at your chin and use upward strokes to blend in your moisturizer.

4. Lightly tap under your eyes to circulate the blood and even out skin tone.

And there you have it—consider your lives changed!

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