The only two products you need. 

By Angelique Serrano
Updated August 10, 2015
Model with glowing skin and hair pulled back in ponytail
Credit: Perry Hagopian

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

For decades I cringed, cried and cursed over my hyper-oily skin. My teen years and early twenties were marked by a steady stream of breakouts that no anti-pimple remedy seemed able to control. Though my father always said, "you'll appreciate it when you're older," my greasy t-zone remained a bummer until I hit my thirties. Suddenly one day, my complexion seemed to have regulated and produced the perfect amount of shine. Hurrah!

Today, I find myself using every trick in the book to boost the glow factor in my skin even more. So my morning ritual now includes a cocktail: A dime-size dollop of luminizing primer (I love this formula from Tom Ford), mixed with a good dose of cream blush. I apply the blush directly on the high apples of my cheeks, then dab my fingertips with the primer and run them over the blush until both are well incorporated into my skin. I'm left with a subtly shimmering flush that evokes the dew on an early morning rose. Not bad for 60 seconds of work!