Hot days don’t own you.

By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated June 24, 2019
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Summer’s heat can be a bit of a bear. Frizzy hair and sweat fests aside, the long hot days can make a person reasonably cranky and downright uncomfortable in their own skin. Figuring out a way to cool down usually involves some version of a pool, cold shower, or bag of frozen vegetables, but those aren’t always feasible (or even desirable) options. Fortunately, the beauty industry has heard our overheated pleas and delivered a range of products specifically formulated to offer you a chilly reprieve. Our skin-cooling picks featured here have you covered from head to toe.

Soothe a painful sunburn or dry skin with this calming gel mask. It’s packed with cucumber and aloe to help target inflammation, reduce redness, and zap heat within 10 minutes. Store it in the fridge overnight for an extra cooling effect.

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Swap your not-so-glamourous bag of frozen peas for this chic cooling product designed by Korean beauty brand Missha. It’s a dermatologist-tested product that hydrates skin via cactus extract and niacinamide while providing a blast of coolness at the same time. Throw it in your fridge and wait for the sensor on the outside to turn blue, then apply anywhere you want to cool down.

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Nutrient-rich red algae, moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, calming aloe vera, and chamomile come together in this mask. The lightweight gel formulation glides on easily to instantly bring relief to hot, inflamed, or irritated skin. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid also means it helps attract and retain moisture. Apply, let it set for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse.

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You may be familiar with products that go on wet and dry to a powdery finish, but this setting and refreshing powder does the opposite. It’s a loose powder that goes on dry but transforms into a thin mist on your skin. This creates an instant cooling sensation and a beautiful dewy, but not shiny, finish. Use it as a way to tamp midday shine while cooling off.

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This device comes in handy throughout the year for everything from sunburned skin to post-facial inflammation. The stainless steel roller is filled with gel and water, which allows it to freeze easily and stay cold after popping it into the freezer. Think of it as a chic, and more controlled, alternative to an ice bath.

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You know which part of your body gets a ton of sun (or sweaty hat) action but very little TLC? Your scalp. A light spritz of CHI’s soothing scalp spray provides not just an immediate calming and cooling sensation, but also hydrates your scalp and promotes healthier hair. It’s the perfect solution for a scalp pick-me-up in between shampoos.

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A beauty stash isn’t really complete without an old school eye mask. This one is filled with a gel that cools in about 15 minutes once placed in the fridge. To use, just place the mask over your eyes and let it work its magic for as long as you need.  

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Feet that have been exposed to the sun all day—or worse, cooped up in a pair of sweltering shoes—deserve lots of TLC. Solution: treat your feet with a thin layer of this foot cream, which contains soothing aloe vera and refreshing peppermint oil. In addition to instant relief, the cream also helps soften and hydrate cracked, dry feet.

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