Whether you're hitting the town or the beach, make sure you've got the beauty supplies you need.

By Abigail Wise
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For the Plane

The dry air on a plane can be a quick path to skin irritation, says Dr. Julia Tzu, the founder and medical director of Wall Street Dermatology. "Since we can't bring a humidifier with us on the plane, a hydrating moisturizer is the simple solution to looking refreshed even when we travel," says Tzu.

But those with more oily skin may have the opposite problem, especially on long flights when you aren't able to do your typical before-bed wash. In that case, Tzu recommends using a cleansing water to wash up. Oil absorbing sheets can also help with oil control. No oil absorbing pads on hand? Opt for a tissue in a pinch. And no matter what your skin type, you should always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for healthy skin, says Tzu.

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For the Gym

When packing for the gym, a few must-haves, like cucumber hand sanitizer, Dove Advanced Care deodorant, and dry shampoo can keep you feeling fresh during and after you break a sweat, says Dr. Ellen Marmur, president and founder of Marmur Medical. And don't forget to pack water!

After hitting the gym, you probably have a natural glow, but you may also be battling redness. Makeup artist Raychel Wade recommends skipping the foundation to let your skin breathe after your workout. Opt for a bit of concealer instead to mask areas that are a little too rosy. Add a burst of bright blush or bronzer on your cheeks, apply a quick coat of mascara, and you'll be good to go, says Wade.

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For the Beach

Saltwater, wind, and sand are serious beauty hurdles. The most important item in your beach beauty bag is sunscreen. Marmur packs several types: First, she lathers her skin in SPF before she even heads outside. Then, she packs a spray sunscreen for reapplication every hour, SPF lip balm, and a kid-friendly sunscreen for the little ones. She also brings a wide-brimmed hat to protect her face and a UVF umbrella to take cover from the rays.

If you find yourself without some of your supplies, Marmur says your sun lotion can multi-task. As long as you have at least one basic form of it, you should be OK. "If you forget it, go home and get it," she says. "Or boldly ask someone if you can buy some." If you're really stuck, use your towels to protect your exposed shoulders, back, and legs.

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For a Road Trip

Before you hit the open road, make sure you have the right beauty supplies on hand. Reusable wet wipes are essential on a road trip, especially when you don't have access to daily showers or running water, says Johnie Gall, travel expert and founder of the outdoor women's site Dirtbag Darling. "At least you can wipe the dirt and grime off your hands and face before you go to sleep," she says.

Gall also recommends stashing a bottle of coconut oil in the car that can be used for both cooking and removing makeup. If you're really out of stock on beauty supplies, throw on a hat, she says. It will cover everything from dirty hair to under-eye bags, and will free up your time and energy for more exciting things—like adventures on the road.

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For the Office

Work makeup is all about looking clean, polished, and professional. A good foundation to keep your skin even and an eyelash curler are two must-have items, says Wade: "Curling your lashes before a meeting, or for a mid-day pick-me-up is a great way to open your eyes so you look fresh and rested."

Wade also suggests dabbing a little foundation—powder or cream—on your finger for touch-ups to even out your skin through the day. And if you're struggling with oil come afternoon, you can always blot away shine with an oil sheet or tissue. "This may sound ridiculous, but as an alternative to Kleenex, a brown paper bag can serve as an oil blotter if you're in dire need," says Tzu.

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For a Night Out

People often like to play up their eyes when they're going out for a night, says Wade. But the problem with dramatic eyes is that dark makeup leaves little room for error and often smudges as the evening wears on. She suggests packing a classic black pencil liner and Q-tips, in case it runs or smears throughout the evening. Wade also recommends packing a simple, shimmery gloss to keep your lips looking fresh.