Buy the Right Products for Your Skin Type

One tricky thing about shopping for skin-care products is working out which ones suit you. Is your skin sensitive? Oily or dry? And when does it become “mature”? If you find that two or more points in any one of the categories below describe you, try products labeled for that skin type.

Choose Products for Oily Skin If:

  1. Check By midafternoon, a greasy film has developed on your face, even though your skin felt fine when you left home this morning.

    The culprit? You probably have an oily T-zone.

  2. Check Acne breakouts are making you feel like your 16-year-old self.

    Minus the homework and boy-band crushes, anyway.

  3. Check The more you scrub your skin, the oilier it seems to get, and the more you seem to break out.

    That’s because stripping the skin of oils prompts it to produce even more oil to compensate and restore balance.

Choose Products for Dry Skin If:

  1. Check Patches of skin on your face or body are flaky, whatever the season.

    Or if you find that “winter skin” never seems to disappear.

  2. Check Your complexion appears dull and lackluster, no matter how many “brightening” products you apply.

    The reason? Dry skin doesn’t reflect light as well as hydrated skin.

  3. Check Moisturizer doesn’t really make a difference, no matter how thick and creamy it is or how much you apply.

    This happens when the moisturizer can’t penetrate the scaly skin barrier.

Choose Products for Sensitive Skin If:

  1. Check Regular beauty products, especially ones that are scented, leave your skin irritated, red, and sometimes stinging.

  2. Check Changing the kind of laundry detergent you use sets off a rash on your finicky skin.

    Even using a new towel can make you see red.

  3. Check Some spa treatments, such as intensive facials and alpha hydroxy peels, feel too strong.

    You would much prefer a massage to having someone pick and poke at your face.

Choose Products for Mature Skin If:

  1. Check You have developed freckly-looking liver spots and fine lines.

    Not the kind of deep wrinkles associated with frowning and smiling, but the lighter type that come from sun damage. And, no, you don’t have to be a senior citizen. It could happen to beach bakers as young as 35.

  2. Check You’re 40-plus and your once supple skin is beginning to feel a bit crinkly, like tissue paper, and it has a crepey appearance.

    Why? Oil glands dry out as you get older.

  3. Check You notice the first signs of the dreaded turkey neck.

    As you age, skin loses its elasticity (and turtleneck sweaters become more attractive).