And I'm never looking back.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated November 10, 2017

To say my skin is fussy is an understatement. While I’m lucky in the sense that I never had the “lesions-all-over-your-face” acne, I have done two rounds Accutane (a very serious form of acne medication that requires two forms of birth control and having your blood drawn once a month) and have tried countless antibiotics and topical creams to put a stop to my inconsistent skin. While it did become more manageable after my second round of Accutane, I would still wake up every morning and check in the mirror to see what had popped up overnight. I could never rely on my skin. One day it would be clear and glowing and the next I’d have several pimples on one side or the other. I even tried cutting out dairy before going vegan but I really didn’t notice a difference doing that either.

Lucky for me, I became a beauty editor and am now in contact with dermatologists, scientists, and estheticians on the regular who I can quiz with all my skin questions. This also means trying every new acne product I can get my hands on. Some would work for a bit and then my skin would go back to being what it was. This all changed in July when I was introduced to esthetician Kristina Holey and chemist Marie Veronique. We were brought together for the launch of their skincare collaboration and of course I was skeptical—albeit optimistic—as I always am.

After hearing Holey talk about the line and how it was her clients who really inspired her, I became entranced. “I noticed a dramatic spike in patients all suffering from red, inflamed skin,” explained Holey. “All of these people were showing up with these imbalances including acne, rosacea, dryness, sensitivity, and it generally could be linked back to the ingredients they were using in their skincare regimen.” Holey went on to talk about how many skincare brands exist now and how many different things we’re putting on our faces saying “these products weren’t made to all work together.” As she was describing what she saw and what she thought was going on, a lightbulb went off in my head and I thought “this is me!”

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One of the main culprits Holey and Veronique identified in their clients’ routines were essential oils. (Which is why you won’t find any in their line.) As Holey told The New York Times, “some constituents of certain essential oils, like those in bergamot, are transformed into chemicals and enzymes when exposed to sunlight, which can induce a photo-allergic response.” And instead of focusing on giving instant fixes for problems, the goal of Holey and Veronique’s line is to create healthy skin using ingredients that are organically found in the skin and play well together so that they coincide with each other to perform optimally.

The two originally launched three serums last fall: Intensive Repair Serum ($90;, Soothing B3 Serum ($90;, and Barrier Restore Serum ($110; After the success of the serums along with their clients asking for more, they decided to add four more products (cleanser, toner, lipid complex, and mask) to the line to create a complete regimen. I realize the line is slightly more expensive than their drugstore counterparts but to have finally found something that works is almost priceless to me.

Not only is my skin more consistent, it’s made me wake up more confident knowing that I can rely on it. Plus, I have never gotten more compliments on how “glowy” my skin looks and continue to get asked what the secret is.