I've Been Using This Hydrating Mask for Just One Week, and My Friends Say My Skin Is 'Absolutely Glowing'

It’s packed with hyaluronic acid and squalane to banish dry skin.

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Tasmanian Spring Water Intense Hydrating Mask
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I'm someone who loves a multi-step skincare routine. I have a dedicated roundup of products I reach for in the morning and another that I follow each night, and I get excited to work in new products once I finish off a bottle. This is especially true of anything hydrating since the effects of this winter combined with my prescription-strength retinol have done a number on my skin, leaving it parched and desperate for hydration. That's why I jumped at the opportunity to test out a gifted sample of Sand and Sky's Tasmanian Spring Water Intense Hydrating Mask.

The Australian brand's soothing mask is like a giant (and much needed) gulp of cool, refreshing water for my face, and it shows nearly immediately. Per the brand's recommendations, I use the mask on occasion in the mornings — typically if I'm going to be applying makeup and actually leaving my apartment — by gliding it onto my freshly cleansed skin and leaving it on for 10 minutes before rinsing and continuing on with the rest of the steps in my regimen. I'll also turn to it a few times per week at night as a final step before heading to bed, allowing the soothing, hydrating effects of the mask to work their magic while I sleep.

Tasmanian Spring Water Intense Hydrating Mask

To buy: $35; sandandsky.com.

Whenever I decide to use the mask, the result is always just as relieving. After rinsing it off, my skin is less red, feels more springy, and any dry patches or flaky spots are virtually eliminated, leaving behind plump, refreshed-looking skin. This is thanks to the ingredients in the mask: a mixture of hydrating hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and squalane. The mask also has lesser-known ingredients like mineral-rich and pH-balancing Tasmanian water and Tasmanian fermented sea kelp, which Sand and Sky says can help prevent wrinkles and maintain skin's elasticity.

After using the mask a few times over the course of a week, I had dinner with a friend who pressed me to know exactly what I was using on my "absolutely glowing" face. And shoppers have had a similar experience. "My skin [has] never felt so hydrated in my life, after just one use," one reviewer wrote, adding that the mask quickly became their "number one favorite" product in their skincare collection as well. Another added that the Sand and Sky mask is now their "go-to" for whenever their skin is "feeling dry or looking tired." They also credited it for helping their serums and moisturizers "work better" than before.

Give your dry skin the hydrating, glowing boost it deserves by ordering the Sand and Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Intense Hydrating Mask today.

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