Australian beauty brand Sand & Sky first made waves for its Brilliant Skin pink clay mask, and now people want to exfoliate with the new pink clay product.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated April 16, 2018
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Karen Moskowitz/Getty Images

I hate lines. In college, I used to eat salad for lunch strictly because the salad bar was the only area of the cafeteria with no line. I would explain it to my friends by saying things like, "The sandwiches here aren't really that good" because I'd rather be a contrarian than admit I want something that the majority wants.

So when I heard that Sand & Sky's new Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment has a waiting list of over 12,000 people even though it's not globally available yet, my skeptic's magnifying glass immediately came out of its drawer. (What, you don't have one?)

I don't mind all hype necessarily, I just like to make sure it's warranted.

Sand & Sky has seen major success with its Brilliant Skin Australian Pink Clay mask ($49 on Amazon) and has a pretty substantial social media presence. At over 200,000 followers on the brand's Instagram page, it makes sense Sand & Sky has been able to garner attention for its new product. I dug into it a little, and it turns out this pink clay product has some notable elements that make it an exciting prospective addition to your bathroom shelf.

The vegan and PETA-approved exfoliator uses the same Australian pink clay fans of the brand have come to love in addition to AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), which are chemical compounds touted in skincare for removing the surface layers of dead skin cells from your face. AHAs prompt cell turnover, as well, to leave your complexion brighter and reduce the signs of aging.

According to the product description, the exfoliating treatment is a "double-action exfoliant treatment" with both physical exfoliators (the grainy texture) and chemical exfoliators (the AHAs). If you're unfamiliar with chemical exfoliants, they're not a tangible presence in products but you may feel a bit of tingling when they're applied.

After watching a few beauty tutorials on the product (it's available in Australia), I have to say it looks like the scrub actually does leave skin brighter and more matte immediately following application. And, full disclosure, I have now added my name to the bottom of the 12,000-person-long wait list for when the global release happens on April 24.

While this product seems like it could be an effective weekly treatment for cleaning out pores and improving overall complexion, it's important to remember that overly scrubbing your face will irritate your skin more than help. If you're looking for an exfoliator that's more of a daily treatment, try chemical solutions – like those made by Reddit-favorite Paula's choice – rather than scrubs.