These Luxurious Face Towels With a Secret Skincare Benefit Have Vastly Improved My Acne-Prone Skin

Needless to say, I’m obsessed.

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Resore The Face Wash Set

Sometimes, it takes a jaw-dropping realization to spur you to change. For me, that was when I realized that face towels were basically fertile breeding grounds for icky bacteria. "Yes, face towels can grow bacteria on them even after one day of use," says Debra Jaliman, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City. According to Dr. Jaliman, bacteria cultures taken on face towels have found germs like E. coli, so "it's important to keep these towels very clean, especially if you are prone to bacterial infections."

And in case you weren't aware, bacteria is a known cause of acne. Pores that are congested with bacteria and oil become blackheads, while pimples develop when they become inflamed or infected with bacteria. As someone with acne-prone skin, I couldn't help but look at my old face towel—which, up until recently, was nothing more than an accessory to my skincare routine—with a profound sense of disgust (and frankly, a bit of resentment). I promptly threw it out and went on the hunt for new face towels that aren't only fluffy, comfortable, and anti-pill, but also gentle enough for acne-prone skin. My search led me to something even better.

After a month of testing, I'm officially obsessed with Resorè's luxurious face towels. They're not only some of the softest things my hands and face have ever come across, but they're also antibacterial, capable of "stopping the spread and incubation of 99.9 percent of bacteria and potent skin irritants in your towel that can harm your skin," according to the brand. The face towels use Resorè's trademarked Silverbac to break down bacteria before they have the chance to reproduce, and their bamboo and lyocell material naturally fight bacteria and bad odors.

Resorè's Turkish Cotton cloths are naturally hypoallergenic and dry 40 percent faster than standard cotton, meaning there's less time to create a humid environment where bacteria can thrive. Plus, the cellulose fibers are gentle—in the past, friction has led to irritation in my sensitive skin, and it's also troublesome for mature skin dealing with fine lines.

Even without all their antibacterial and anti-aging properties, the plush Resorè towels stand out because they can withstand tons of washes. I've found them to be much more odor-resistant than other towels I've tried as well, with no smell at all after using them for a week.

In fact, my skin has gotten much clearer in the past month, and using the towels is the only thing that's changed in my skincare routine. A fluke? Possibly, but I don't think so.

Shop the Resorè towels below, including the new bath towel, via Nordstrom. If you're acne-prone like me, they might just relieve your bumps and congestion.

Resore The Face Wash Set

To buy: $35;

Resore The Face Wash Set

To buy: $35;

Resore The Face Wash Set

To buy: $70;

Resore bath towel

To buy: $99;

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