This Retinol Eye Stick Gave Shoppers a 'Sudden Reduction' in Fine Lines

Here’s how it works.


Fine lines and wrinkles have met their match with retinol. A form of vitamin A, retinol is known for its ability to fight visible signs of aging. Available in topical forms like creams and moisturizers, retinol is the star ingredient in an eye stick from Peace Out Skincare that's captured the attention of customers thanks to the immediate results some people noticed.

Packaged in a lipstick-like tube, Peace Out Skincare's Retinol Eye Stick has a balm-like texture that can be applied directly to the undereye area to target dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Reviewers say it's easy to use: "I can definitely see a difference in my fine lines and brighter under eyes. Love that you can just swipe it under your eyes. Very low maintenance and effective," wrote one, while another added, "I have hereditary dark circles and this is the only eye cream I found that helped diminish them significantly. Not to mention it's super hydrating. Love it."


To buy: $28;

When using retinol, Denise Wong, MD, of Wave Plastic Surgery, says to be aware of possible side effects. "Retinol can increase skin sensitivity which can cause dryness, redness, peeling, skin irritation, and photosensitivity. Sometimes retinol can cause acne to flare. It is important to slowly introduce retinol into your skin regimen to allow your skin to have adequate time to acclimate."

Azza Halim, MD, of Azza MD echoes this sentiment and suggests "starting off slowly and at the lowest concentration to avoid or minimize side effects as the skin adjusts and becomes more resilient." She adds: "Those with sensitive skin can either mix retinol with moisturizer or layer together as well as use it once a week."

The brand also recommends those with sensitive skin begin using the stick once a week. As for how quickly you may see a difference, one shopper noticed an impact immediately, writing, "I use this on my forehead, eyes, smile lines, and neck. I have noticed a sudden reduction in my lines." Give Peace Out's $28 Retinol Eye Stick a try for yourself and make tired eyes a thing of the past.

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