The Brand Behind Those Famous Retinol Sticks Just Launched Its First-Ever Serum to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Here’s what I found after trying it for three weeks.


Although I know better to pick at my pimples when my acne-prone skin breaks out, it's always been hard for me to resist popping them when they look "done." The result is usually something to regret: Bad acne scars that seemingly take weeks to lighten and disappear. Thankfully, there's a way to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation with serums and exfoliators that gently get rid of dead skin cells, so whenever a new dark spot-eliminating skincare product pops up on my radar, I make it a mission to test it out.

That's why when Peace Out Skincare reached out offering me a sample of its newest Dark Spots Serum to try, I jumped on the opportunity. Coming hot on the heels of launching their popular Acne Serum and a face version of their wildly loved Retinol Eye Stick, the Dark Spots Serum is perfect for hyperpigmented skin and people who suffer from stubborn acne scars. I've been testing it out for three weeks now, and it has significantly lightened a patch of gloomy-looking scars on my left cheek.


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Peace Out's founder, Enrico Frezza, was actually inspired by his own experiences with melasma and hyperpigmentation to create this serum. "It took more than a few rounds before we perfected the right blend of ingredients to create Dark Spots Serum," he says. "As with all my products, I tested Dark Spots Serum on myself first, and since I have been using it I have not had another nasty bout of hyperpigmentation. I still suffer from acne which can leave me with dark spots after, but once I started using Dark Spots Serum, my dark spots would be gone in no time."

Frezza was interested in combining different ingredients to target a wide range of causes that lead to dark spots, so the Dark Spots Serum is chock full of anti-pigmentation ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), niacinamide, kojic acid, bakuchiol, and tranexamic acids to brighten your skin. Even though it uses acids, it's still gentle enough for sensitive skin, and is alcohol-, latex-, paraben-, and fragrance-free.

As someone with sensitive skin, I'm always a little wary about trying products with exfoliating acids after one too many bad experiences, but Peace Out's serum assuaged my worries when I spot tested it on my cheeks and didn't have an irritating reaction to it. The key to starting a new exfoliator is to start slow and work your way up, so I used the serum only once every two days at first, then transitioned to twice a day (morning and night) every day.

Since I started using the serum, I've seen improvements on my skin where stubborn dark marks used to dot my cheekbones and chin. And because it's also formulated with hydrating ingredients like squalane, it doesn't feel super drying on my skin—although I highly recommend following it up immediately with a moisturizer if you're prone to dryness (and sunscreen too, of course!).

For fans of Peace Out's famous Retinol Eye Stick, Frezza does suggest alternating the serum with the stick on different days just to avoid using too many acids at once. Yet if you don't necessarily need the effects of retinol, the new Dark Spots Serum is bound to become your go-to product from the brand's collection. Shop it now at Peace Out Skincare for $29.

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