Nordstrom is launching a wellness division with lots of cool, new beauty finds.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated January 09, 2018
Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images

You may have noticed that all things wellness is having a moment right now. Lucky for us, Nordstrom has also taken note of the trend and starting January 11th, they’re evolving their natural beauty department to include “Well Beauty.” From aromatherapy to overnight beauty, to supplements, there's something for everyone trying to kick off the new year right. Here are some of our favorite new products from the collection.

Get the benefits of coconut oil without the weight of it. Made with organic coconut oil and shea butter, it’s hard to image that it wouldn’t be heavy on the skin but it in fact is. The lightweight formula sinks right in so that you’re left with a nice glow but without looking greasy. It also uses sandalwood, banana, and melon extracts for a delicious tropical (but not overpowering) scent that you’ll want to slather on all over.

To buy: $44;

If you have a hard time following a nightly skin routine before bed, investing in a silk pillowcase could be just what you need. It’s a nightly hair and skin treatment that requires no work on your end at all. Cotton pillowcases can strip skin and hair of moisture and can also tug at your hair and skin as you toss and turn in your sleep. Made from 100 percent silk, your hair and skin glide across the pillow so you wake up with less creases and frizz. The best news is that it doesn’t require any special treatment. Just machine wash as normal then let it hang to dry.

To buy: $79;

If you’re looking to add a natural supplement to your routine but are unsure of where to start, give these herbal supplements to try. Each one is labeled with the benefit you’ll receive (beauty, dream, power, etc.) so they’re easy to navigate and contain a special blend of herbs specifically to address that concern. This set includes individual packets of each kind so you can try them all. Add it to your coffee, tea, milk, water, smoothies, hot chocolate, or even ice cream.

To buy: $35;

These shower sheets are a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry from one place to the next. Whether you’re running from the gym to the office, are in between stressful meetings, or your kid just spit up on you and you don’t want to jump in the shower again—these have you covered. Each sheet is really large (unlike normal wipes made for your face), so you have a lot of surface area to work with. They’re made with neem leaf extract which deodorizes and calms skin as well as soothes any inflammation. Aloe softens while peppermint leaf oil acts as an antiseptic (and is super refreshing). I love keeping one in my bag so I can pull it out at a moment’s notice.

To buy: $15 for 12;

If one of your resolutions is to produce less waste, a glass water bottle is a great place to start. Not only is the gemstone-filled bottle pretty, they’re also meant to energize your water. But whether you believe that or not, we still just love the aesthetic.

To buy: $78;