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This Quiz Takes the Guesswork Out of Finding Your Perfect Clean Beauty Products—and It's Shockingly Accurate

 I already owned some of the products it suggested in the exact shades it suggested.
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For the last two years, I've been transitioning my beauty routine to cleaner alternatives. Despite the rise in clean beauty products available on the market, it's still been a challenging process. It seems like every brand is releasing its own paraben-, phthalate-, and fragrance-free formula that claims to be clean and effective. It's hard to sort through the noise, and finding products that are right for me has proven difficult. That's where NakedPoppy comes into play. The brand backs each of its formulas with transparency and research, and developed a three-minute quiz using patent-pending technology to find your most curated clean beauty picks. Plus, after you take the quiz you can get $15 off your first order of three items or more with the exclusive promo code: REALSIMPLE15.

Founded in 2019, NakedPoppy is a one-stop shop for clean skincare, makeup, and wellness products. What does "clean" mean to the brand? To meet its standards, each product must be safe for you (no harmful chemicals), safe for the environment (minimizing environmental impact), safe for animals (cruelty-free), and safe for the community (think worker safety and fair labor practices).

While the brand's guidelines are admirable, what really sold me was its personalized three-minute quiz. Choosing clean products is just the first step to overhauling your beauty routine—you also need to test the natural formulas and pigments to find your ideal match. NakedPoppy's quiz aims to eliminate that back and forth. To start, the quiz asks you about your current relationship with clean beauty, your skin type, your skin color (this process requires quite a few steps to determine your absolutely best shade), as well as your top skincare concerns. From there it creates a "personal boutique" curated with all your best product matches using patent-pending technology based on your needs. 

As a skeptic, I took the quiz with few expectations. I was genuinely surprised with my results. Not only were the suggested products compelling to me, but quite a few of my recommendations were products I already owned and loved. In addition to my hero items, NakedPoppy recommended a few clean beauty staples I was eager to try, like its new NakedPoppy Nourish Cream Cleanser and NakedPoppy Refresh Foaming Gel Cleanser—both of which I've been using daily and have made my skin quite literally glow. 

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To buy: $28;

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To buy: $28;

If you're ready to take the dive into clean beauty but aren't sure where to start, take NakedPoppy's three-minute assessment now and score $15 off your first order of three items or more with our exclusive promo code: REALSIMPLE15. Or shop my all-time favorite clean beauty picks (courtesy of NakedPoppy's quiz and my own research) below.

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