This Favorite Clothing Brand Is Launching a Beauty Collection

And they’re just as cool as the clothes.

Madewell is now launching a curated collection of makeup and skincare in 21 stores and online. Similar to the no-fuss staples in their laid-back clothing line, the beauty collection is made up of the staples you need from a variety of indie brands including French Girl, Ursa Major, and RMS. Whether you're picking up items for yourself or need a quick gift for a friend, there's something for everyone that fits in every price range. Here are some of the products on our wish list.


Jao Hand Refresher

Photo by Madewell

Many hand sanitizers are too harsh and dry out skin, but this refreshing gel is neither of those things and leaves hands feeling fresh without stripping everything away.

To buy: $10;


RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

Photo by Madewell

This tinted lip and cheek cream has a base of coconut so it's super creamy and melts into skin for the most natural, lit-from-within glow. Available in three shades.

To buy: $36;


Herbivore Botanicals Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Soap

Photo by Madewell

Bar soaps are making a comeback—but they're not the same thing you may have bought back then. They've come a long way and now feel super luxe compared to the older versions that would strip your skin and leave it squeaky clean (in a bad way). This one is made with purifying charcoal that pulls out impurities from the pores, along with bergamot oil for an extra soft finish.

To buy: $12;


French Girl Lavender Sea Soak

Photo by Madewell

Throw this into your evening bath and your body will melt into bed afterwards. Made with pink himalayan sea salt, rosemary oil, and lavender scent, it's ultra calming and helps relax the body, mind, and muscles.

To buy: $18;