Leslie Mann Has Some Important Beauty Advice for Daughter Maude Apatow

The mother-daughter duo dishes on all things beauty, including their take on Euphoria makeup.

Actress Leslie Mann with daughters Iris Apatow and Maude Apatow
Actress Leslie Mann with daughters Iris Apatow and Maude Apatow. Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Leslie Mann isn't a regular mom—she's a cool mom. In my 20-minute Zoom conversation with her and her daughter Maude Apatow, this is what I learned: She plucks her daughters' friends' eyebrows so that they don't overpluck them, highly disapproves of Maude's spray tanning, and doesn't hold back when it comes to criticizing her daughters' more questionable makeup choices.

Maude and Iris Apatow have acted alongside their mom in various comedies directed by Mann's husband, Judd Apatow, over the course of the last two decades. One of the family's latest joint projects is Mann's Jergens campaign with Maude. And although she's a phenomenal actress, she really isn't acting in those commercials—she says the entire family has been using Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond Dry Skin Moisturizer since her grandmother started using it, so much so that it's the family signature scent.

Throughout the conversation, one thing is clear: The mother-daughter pair have the kind of rapport that is truly #motherdaughtergoals, and with such apparent love for each other, you can't help but want to join this family.

See what they had to say about their biggest beauty regrets, Euphoria beauty trends, and how they would give each other a makeover, below.

Leslie, how would you describe your relationship with beauty?

Leslie Mann: I've always been more focused on beauty through a health lens, things like consciously eating well, exercising, and drinking lots of water, which all makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself. The most important thing is focusing on being a happy, healthy person, and I think that makes you the most beautiful on the outside.

Maude, did being on Euphoria influence your personal beauty choices?

Maude Apatow: Definitely. I'm not super adventurous with my beauty looks, so watching everyone have these unique, creative makeup looks was inspiring for me and made me want to branch out and try more things, especially because I don't think I would have ever tried to do them on my own. I would learn so much just sitting and watching the makeup artists on the show.

What are your honest thoughts on Euphoria beauty trends? Any you would do yourself?

LM: Honestly, I loved them all. I think it's so fun to see people being so experimental. Makeup is a fun and creative expression, and it's exciting to watch. I think Iris, our youngest daughter, has copied a lot of those makeup trends and still does. Right, Maude?

MA: Yeah, Iris definitely does more than me. My sister is really good at makeup, and I don't think I could even attempt those looks.

LM: I think you're really good at makeup! Iris is really good at doing the graphic wing—that's what takes a lot of practice. Remember when she first started? They looked crazy.

MA: Yeah, the eyeliner is always the hardest. My sister used to have a really crusty cateye.

LM: Yes, it was crooked and crusty. But it's really come a long way.

What's been your favorite on-screen beauty look and why did you like it?

LM: My favorite was from The Other Woman because I had this bright red hair, which I hated at the time but I think it looked good in the movie. I think it was a fun look, but red is tricky because it doesn't ever come out and just sticks to your hair—you have to let it grow out. Maude just dyed her hair red, and I keep saying she thinks it's a rinse, but it's not going to rinse out.

MA: I do have really red hair right now.

LM: It looks really good on you, but it's going to be a commitment.

MA: Yeah, I anticipate it's going to be there for a hot second.

And what about you, Maude?

MA: There was one look I had in Euphoria that was really pretty. I don't even think people would have noticed it, but it was this hunter green cateye with a berry lip and I thought it looked so good, but it barely got any screen time.

On the flipside, what was your biggest beauty regret?

LM: I remember getting a pixie cut, or more like a crew cut. I didn't want all of my hair cut off so I let them keep the little wispy bang area long in the front area, and the rest was cut really short. It looked really bad. And my hair is really curly so it took much much longer for it to grow out into a normal haircut. Probably that, and plucking my eyebrows. I taught both of my kids and all of her friends not to pluck their eyebrows.

MA: It's true. And I definitely have had some self-tan situations that aren't great. Spray tans have been really rough.

LM: Yet you do it over and over again.

MA: I definitely haven't learned my lesson for some reason—I just keep doing it.

LM: Do you have to do the deep tan every time?

MA: I don't know what it is? I always say I want the lightest and somehow it's really, really dark every time.

LM: But only in certain areas.

MA: Yeah definitely not consistent. I've just resorted to using tanning lotion because that never messes up.

What would you say is the best beauty tip you learned from your mom?

MA: The overplucking one is a big one because I'm always terrified to touch my eyebrows and I'm really glad I didn't. And moisturizer is a really big one—always moisturizing when you get out of the shower. So many people don't do it, but when I started doing it, my skin looked better, healthier, and just way more glowy.

Who has the more high-maintenance beauty routine?

LM: Maude.

MA: What, no!

LM: I can get ready to go anywhere in like two minutes. Actually you know what? Neither one of us is high-maintenance per se. We shower, put moisturizer on, and brush our hair and let it air-dry—then we're good to go. That's our beauty routine most of the time.

So what does your self-care routine look like?

LM: Hmm…yoga and working out—I love my Peloton bike. Oh, and meditation too. This is a really weird thing that I do, but I've been listening to Insight Timer, which is a free meditation app. I listen to the same meditation on there every day called Stress and Anxiety by David Procyshyn. It's 22 minutes long, and the second I hear the gong in the beginning, I instantly relax and fall asleep. Even if I fall asleep for just 10 minutes, I feel so much better for the rest of the day.

If you could give each other a beauty makeover, what's the first thing you would do?

LM: I wouldn't do anything on Maude because she's perfect.

MA: Aw, no. But I would give you a really thick brow, a feathered brow. Yeah, I would definitely microblade some eyebrows on you.

Speaking of brows, trends have changed a lot over the few years, and past beauty trends are coming back around. What's your favorite and least favorite beauty trend?

LM: Aren't thin eyebrows coming back around?

MA: They are—overplucking is becoming trendy again.

LM: I feel like the trends last for like two weeks, don't you? They're always saying what the newest hair trend is, and one week it's super short and the next it's long flowing hair. So how the hell are you supposed to do that? You know what I say? Just wear what looks best on you.

MA: I don't know if there are any beauty trends that I really don't like, but if I had to pick, everyone used to draw in their eyebrows really dark with that dip cream eyebrow stuff, and they'd just be like giant blocks on your face. That look shouldn't come back.

LM: Did you do that, Maudey? I remember both you and Iris were dying your eyebrows really dark.

MA: Yeah…I definitely did do that. And it did not look right.

LM: I told you guys that it didn't look right and you wouldn't listen.

MA: Iris still does it!

And since it is Mother's Day coming up, what do you guys find the most inspiring about each other?

LM: I think Maude is the coolest. I'm so in awe of her. I just can't believe it—I feel like she's the smartest, most talented, greatest person I know, and all I want to do is spend time with her, which I know is kind of weird for her. When she tries to leave, I like to grab on to her and make it really hard for her. But seriously, I'm in awe of her acting and inspired by her every day.

MA: Ah, it's so awkward to answer these questions in front of each other. But I feel the same way—I learn so much from her. We're honestly like best friends and we have so much fun just hanging out.

What about the Mothers Day campaign speaks to you—and why did you find this partnership meaningful?

LM: I think it's important because it celebrates all moms and mother figures. Maude and I were saying we should have Mothers Month instead of Mothers Day—I think mothers deserve that, right? We deserve a whole month, not just a day.

MA: Also, Grandma Sadie used to wear cherry almond all the time, and it reminds us of her.

LM: Yeah, my grandma used to use Jergens Cherry Almond Lotion and so the smell reminds me of her. I have it, Maude has it, and Iris has it. It's really the family signature scent.

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