This Multipurpose Balm Sells Every 60 Seconds  (It’s That Good)

Use it on dry lips, skin, and cuticles.
By Christie Calucchia
August 17, 2020
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A good lip balm is like a good bra. It can be difficult to find the one that’s perfect for you, but once you have a favorite, you’ll never look back. For thousands of shoppers, that holy grail product is Lanolips’ 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm . Someone buys a tube of it every minute, based on the Australian brand’s global sales data. And now that it’s finally available on Amazon, that number is sure to grow.

Advertised as an all-in-one product, the versatile balm is made with natural ingredients that are gentle enough to use on newborns. It offers serious hydration for the lips, but you can also apply it to dry patches of skin, cuticles, elbows, or anywhere else that needs a bit of moisture.

Refined lanolin, a wax naturally occurring in sheep’s wool that has a similar molecular structure to human oils, is the only ingredient in this ultra-hydrating balm. It holds 200 percent of its weight in moisture, which is what makes it so effective at saturating the skin. It also means the ointment is hypoallergenic and even safe to use as nipple cream for nursing mothers. While lanolin comes from sheep, you can rest assured that the product is certified as cruelty-free.

To buy: $17; .

I tried out the buzzy skincare product for myself to see if it lived up to the hype (despite the relatively steep price tag for a small tube of ointment), and it truly delivered. It instantly quenches my dry lips without leaving behind an oily or greasy feel. Plus, I use whatever’s left on my finger after swiping the balm on my lips to tend to my perpetually dry cuticles. Since snagging a tube for myself, I haven’t left the house without it. 

Although the Amazon reviews are still sparse because the ointment only just became available on the retail giant, there are plenty of glowing testimonials of the product on the brand’s site and retailers like Ulta and Anthropologie .

“My lips usually feel dry, stiff, and wrinkly/uneven. After just a day or two with Lanolips, they are soft and smooth,” a Lanolips shopper wrote. “They feel fuller and plumper just from being so hydrated.”

Head to Amazon to experience the moisturizing multipurpose balm today. Your lips will never be the same.