My Tired, Puffy Eyes Are No More Thanks to These Glittery Face Globes

My skincare routine now includes an at-home massage.

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Kiramoon Face Globe Rollers

My previous skincare regimen included all of the necessary steps, like removing makeup before bed and taking the time for a thorough nightly cleanse. It's now thanks to a skincare brand called Kiramoon that I've embraced the act of massaging my face.

The beauty experts agree that the right beauty roller can make all the difference in your skin. Deciding on a roller is dependent upon what results you hope to achieve. As for myself, I was interested in the promise of reduced redness and a possible solution to puffy eyes that came with Kiramoon's Moon Globes Freezable Facial Massagers.

To get the most out of the Moon Rollers, Kiramoon suggests placing the tools in a freezer or fridge for no longer than 30 minutes. Upon removal from the fridge, you press and glide the globes across your face, neck, cheek, and eyes. If it sounds totally relaxing, that's because it is.

Kiramoon Face Globe Rollers

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After a long day at work, which is spent mostly staring at a screen, I often found that my eyes feel heavy, puffy, and sometimes out of sorts. Rolling a single Kiramoon globe (it's recommended to use only one at a time to prevent cracking) across a closed lid, I was able to alleviate much of that discomfort. My under-eye area was noticeably less puffy and my eyes felt significantly lighter.

Additionally, I placed a globe upon an inflamed pimple. The blemish didn't completely disappear, but there was a reduction in redness. I continued gliding the tool across the remainder of my face, noting how the cooled product felt soothing to my skin.

A trio of estheticians previously told Real Simple that the most effective facial massages utilize upward and outward motions. You should be especially careful around the eye area and avoid excess tugging or pulling. The nice thing about the Kiramoon globes is their circular shape is the perfect size for placing lightly, directly atop the eye.

Since receiving the globes, I have made it a point to incorporate the practice of massage into my routine at least a few times a week. I can't completely put a stop to the daily stressors of life, but I can take a moment to care for my eyes and skin. For the first time in a long time, my under-eye area, lids, and face are looking and feeling a lot less puffy, and it's all thanks to the beautiful Kiramoon Moon Globes, which you can purchase on Nordstrom.

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