There’s a lot to love about the new Jergens Ultra Healing Body Balm.

By Lauren Phillips
December 03, 2020
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Most winters, my hands get a little dry from the cold air, but it’s nothing an infrequent application of hand lotion can’t fix. This year, it’s a totally different story: Between the near-constant hand washing and sanitizing I’ve been doing since March and the cold air, my hands are dry and cracked already (and it’s not even officially winter yet!). Thankfully, before things got too uncomfortable, I found the cure for my 2020 hands: Jergens Ultra Healing Body Balm.

This new lotion from Jergens has quickly become my favorite solution for dry, cracked hands. I wouldn’t call myself a lotion expert—I’m happy with anything that solves the problem of dry skin, and I am very unclear on the lotion vs. moisturizer distinction—but the Ultra Healing Body Balm has plenty going for it to set it apart from the over-scented, oily lotions I’ve used for most of my life.


First, this ultra-healing balm is so easy to apply. I expected it to be thick and require a lot of effort to rub in, but it’s the opposite: This cream is easier to apply than any lotion I’ve ever had. It has an almost whipped texture that feels lightweight, and it rubs in almost instantly without leaving any trace of the greasiness or oiliness that many mositurizers have. At first, I thought that lightweight aspect would mean it wouldn’t work very well, but that’s not the case: One application keeps my hands soft and smooth for hours, even if I wash my hands a few (dozen) times between applications. (It really lives up to its ultra-healing name.)

Second, the balm is scent-free. Some people may not see that as a good thing, but for me, it is, because I can apply a dollop after washing my hands before a meal and still enjoy the smells of my food, not the smell of my lotion. Plus, if no scent means skipping the annoying greasy hand-feel some hand creams leave behind, I’m 100 percent fine with it.

I’m a committed in-shower lotion user, and now I think I’m a devoted fan of the Jergens Ultra Healing Body Balm, too. Whether I apply it before bed or after washing my hands mid-day, my hands feel softer and smoother (and fully moisturized) for hours and hours. I’m already dreading the day I run out of this great solution for my dry, cracked hands—fortunately, at just $6 per tub, I can order plenty more.