ER Workers Say This Anti-Aging Night Cream Transforms Skin in 2 Days

And 70-year-olds say it makes them look 20 years younger.

Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Skin Transforming Pillow Cream IT COSMETICS

When beauty brands see popularity with a certain product, it's only a matter of time until they extrapolate the name into 15 other products. It's how the world ends up with 21 Nars Orgasm products, eight different spins on Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, and 20 different Urban Decay Naked variations. All too often, the world-building isn't really necessary—and yet, It Cosmetics' Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Skin Transforming Pillow Cream is the exception to the rule.

"Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep" might not really be a thing—confidence while you're unconscious, why?—but as far as night creams go, over 850 Nordstrom shoppers have decided it's worth five stars. It Cosmetics' original Confidence in a Cream stunned the world with its knack for taking off the years, and as its progeny, the Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep night cream continues the legacy with rave reviews across the board.

The cream, which shoppers use on their face and neck, relies on ceramides, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid for its overnight work. Shoppers in their 60s say they've noticed a huge change in their wrinkles since adopting it into their routine, while others write that they see fine lines reduced and pores shrinking with every use.

Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Skin Transforming Pillow Cream IT COSMETICS

To buy: $54;

ER workers also say it's the light at the end of the tunnel after long days. "Using this cream is the best part of my day after wearing a mask in the Emergency Department for 12 hours," one essential worker writes. "It offers amazing hydration, and the scent is relaxing." And the only compliment that could compare to that: Shoppers say they've bought tubs for their mothers, too.

Hundreds of shoppers note that the lavender scent is pleasant and relaxing, but let's be real, a night cream has to do more than smell good to be worth your money. And so the Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep does: Shoppers say the cream makes a difference in two days and "transforms" dry, uneven, and dull faces into supple, glowing, and even-toned skin.

Others say their wrinkles relax and plump up "almost immediately," and that the cream leaves their skin soft and age spots almost unnoticeable. Reviewers write that they're "shocked" at how much it's changed their skin for the better after a few weeks. "It goes on lightly but sinks in immediately," another shopper comments. "In the morning my face looks great. I am over 70, but my skin feels and looks 20 years younger!"

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