This $28 Anti-Aging Serum Has Given Me the Softest Skin Ever

Shoppers are saying they see a difference “just a few minutes after putting on the product.”

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Innbeauty Project Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush
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Retinol remains a top ingredient in the skincare world, taking on everything from fine lines to large pores. Unfortunately, as powerful as the ingredient is, retinol doesn't always work well with sensitive skin. Luckily, beauty brands continue to embrace bakuchiol, a less harsh alternative ingredient that promises similar skincare results.

Eager to try the buzzy bakuchiol for myself, I did some research into products and landed upon the Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush from INN Beauty Project. I was especially excited by the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and the serum's promise to satisfy even the most sensitive of skin. As someone with skin that doesn't take well to harsh ingredients, I had hoped to try out a bakuchiol product without totally wreaking havoc on my skin.

True to its name, the Slushy Serum featured a creamy, slushy-like texture. As the brand explains of its creation process, the bakuchiol extract is spun at a high speed to make a soft textured serum. With the addition of hyaluronic acid, the resulting serum becomes a multipurpose product that provides skin with hydration and an overall improvement in texture.

Thankfully, the serum isn't as freezing cold as a slushy when applied — and after one use, I fell in love, noting how the product easily melted into my skin. In fact, I broke the golden skincare rule and kept touching my face.

Innbeauty Project Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush

To buy: $22;

In addition to my newfound softness, after a few weeks, my face looked clearer and I noticed my slight fines lines and pores were somewhat smaller. Plus, because bakuchiol is intended to be less harsh than retinol, my skin didn't react or break out in response to the new product. Instead, it seemed to welcome the daily application, soaking up all that soft, slushy goodness.

As it turns out, I'm not the only fan of this particular serum. Soon after this piece was originally published, it sold out on Credo Beauty (but you can still shop it at Sephora). The reviewer-loved product is frequently celebrated by shoppers for its ability to leave skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Dubbed a "must have" for summer by one consumer, another claimed they saw immediate results, writing, "I can see my skin start glowing and looking smoother just a few minutes after putting on the product."

See the results for yourself and pick up the serum from Sephora.

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